A Random Act of Millie

Millie, the sweet girl from my alma mater who died suddenly this spring, has a memorial page on Facebook. Her friends and family graciously allowed me to be a part of it, and I really enjoy reading the tributes to this girl I hardly knew. The page is a written testament to how much […]

    I am Becoming One of Those Parents.

    Get something out or close the door, kid. My teeth are on edge just looking at you.

    Because I have finally admitted that it drives me absolutely insane when the kids open the fridge and then just stand there. I used to resist this feeling of irritation. I used to tell myself, “It’s […]

      Huh. I stand Corrected.

      It always makes me laugh to read little Facebook quotes like, “It’s not ‘gay marriage–‘ it’s just marriage. Just like I didn’t have ‘gay lunch’ today, I just had lunch.” And I was just reading over this list of quotes from the always-good-for-a-helping-of-crazy Michele Bachmann, and thinking to myself that her passionate stance confounds […]

        So We Had Lunch At Five Guys….

        ….and my kids kept echoing all the sentiments all over the walls. As though they were spontaneous original thoughts coming from their brains. “Mom, this is the best $5 burger a man could eat!” Cam told me. “Yeah, these burgers are like heaven on a bun!” chimed in Gabby (who was eating the bacon […]

          There’s Some Law About This.

          On the days when we have nothing to do at all, and will be staying at home all day while I do paperwork (e.g. yesterday), the kids are up before 7am. They’re loudly making their own breakfast, they’re fully dressed, they’re chasing each other around, they’re rambunctious and filled with joy for being alive. […]

            (Sweaty, Exhausted) Hot Messes of the Week: Dave and Me

            [Attention all pearl-clutchers: there’s some language below. I can’t help it; Dave’s got a filthy mouth. But if you don’t enjoy a little language, you might want to skip this one.]

            I have already told you how Dave and I are doing the Insanity workout challenge together, and how it’s really hard, and how […]

              I am Highly Unpopular.

              So far today, I have disallowed the following activities:

              1. Nail painting in the bedroom 2. Lunch consisting of whipped cream from the can 3. Taping blankets to the patio for a dance floor 4. Applying paint directly to Gabby’s windows 5. The wearing of underwear as a bathing suit 6. Cutting up Gabby’s […]

                This is How Much I Love the Song “Under Pressure:”

                I just watched this entire mismatch of a performance below, then considered watching it again.

                I know. I am not well:

                PS- in my own defense, Blake Shelton looks like Vince Vaughn and you know my soft spot for tall doofuses like Vince Vaughn. Also: I think I want Cee-Lo Green to come […]

                  Addie is Stomping Around in My Shoes.

                  Be honest here: do I look like a truck stop hooker in my platform sandals? …Because they are doing Addie no favors.

                    My Kingdom for Some Coffee.

                    Just so you know: my kingdom includes one dog who is having issues, three high-maintenance children who cannot believe there are no more donuts, and somebody needs to go to the Post Office some time today.

                    But if you bring me some coffee, you can have all this and more.

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