I guess the next time my kids ask to set up a lemonade stand in the driveway (which they ask for with surprising regularity), I’ll need to research zoning laws and business licenses. The sheriff in Midway, Georgia, made his city a safer place this week by shutting down a lemonade stand. My favorite quote from […]

    Julie v. Wildlife, Lake Edition

    I think I saw one of these on our trip. And yes, it was trying to kill me.

    Here is a list of some of the wildlife I battled while we were on our trip. I would like to point out that I did not flake out one single time during any of […]

      Did You Miss Me?

      All smiles. This, of course, was taken before we all got flipped off in a myriad of ways.

      Well, the van smells like armpits and I have a wicked sunburn on my inner thighs, which can only mean one thing: we are back from our waterskiing trip. We had an absolutely fabulous time thanks […]

        This terrifying image is a still from a Jello Pudding commercial. This is supposed to make me WANT to eat pudding. It actually makes me want to cry silent tears while I suck my thumb and wait to die.

        So listen, my friends: I’m going to be kinda scarce for just a bit. I […]

          Painting the Cabinets, Revisited, Much to My Dismay

          CAMERON: Hey Mom– I really think the cabinets you painted look great!

          JULIE: Thanks, buddy. Me too.

          CAMERON: I especially like the way you glued the doors on.

          JULIE: Tha– what?

          CAMERON: You know– how the cabinet doors are glued on and you can’t get them open?

          Moral of the story: when you think […]

            Overheard at the Pool

            Last night, Gabby was swimming at a friend’s house and her mom texted me that she was sitting outside and listening to the girls’ conversation. “Apparently,” she told me, “Your quesadillas are too cheesy and you don’t buy the Band-Aids Gabby likes.”

            The funny thing is that my first thought was, “But she puts […]

              Kids and Deodorant

              Parents: do your kids love deodorant the way mine do? They love nothing more than to have their very own little individual sticks of deodorant, and to apply and reapply throughout the day. I just don’t see the awesomeness here. Addie J just asked me if she could put on some more and I […]

                The Question of the Mrs.

                When I got married, I did not change my last name. Dave was really cool about it in that he did not care at all, either way, what I did. In fact, at the time I thought it was only right that he felt it was my decision and not his. But as time […]

                  QOTD: from Cammy

                  We were in the car, running errands. Cameron discovered that his phone has a GPS and you can watch yourself move along your route in the Maps app, and he was totally absorbed in doing this. (I can throw no stones: I too have been known to go into a trance while watching myself […]

                    Remember How I Said I Was Painting the Cabinets?

                    Two cabinet doors are currently on the kitchen table, atop an old towel, awaiting a second coat. Before I apply that second coat, I will first need to sand off the little fingerprints and the “I’m just going to run my thumb over here in the corner; Mom will never know” swipe marks.

                    If only all criminals left […]

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