One Day…

….The fashion world will popularize a style of manicure known as “Adorable French Tips, Half-Ruined by Cabinet Painting.” And the look I am currently sporting will be fierce.

    Dear Addie J:

    If you want to sneak a piece of yesterday’s exuberantly patriotically frosted Fourth of July cookie cake without tipping me off, then don’t smile innocently at me with blue and red teeth.

    Just a hint for the future.

      Random Things That Make Me Happy:

      My bathroom cabinet, all primed and ready to be painted.

      The awesome cabinet pulls we bought for that cabinet and then never installed, which I just found again.

      The knowledge that, if Dave sees this post before he gets home and realizes that I’m using tools without him, he will be all antsy and […]


        She's like this basically all the time. It's impossible to resist her.

        This one’s from me, said to Addie J, and should be self-explanatory:

        “Stop that!! You should never eat anything that comes out of your nose!!”

          Sometimes, I Just Don’t Get My Intended Message Across.

          GABBY: Mom, all my friends are so lucky.

          JULIE [warily]: Oh yeah?

          GABBY: Yeah. They get to tape whatever they want on their bedroom doors.

          JULIE: Really. When you decided to tell me this, how did you want me to react?

          GABBY: Well, I thought you might feel bad. Because I don’t get to […]

            The Turkey Sandwich

            ADDIE: Mom, can I have a turkey sandwich?

            JULIE: Sure. What do you want on it?

            ADDIE: Ummm… turkey. And cheese. And mustard. All on bread.

            JULIE: Okay.

            ADDIE: But I don’t want any mustard.

            JULIE: Oh, okay. Do you still want the cheese?

            ADDIE: Yes. But not on the sandwich.

            JULIE: Okay.

            ADDIE: […]

              This is Saint Felicity, my confirmation saint. I chose her because of her romantic history and because of my beloved book about a Princess Felicity. Had I seen this image of her, I might well have reconsidered– but cut me some slack. I was twelve.

              Do you know anyone whose problems are so […]

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