I Asked My Kids About Papa.

The kids think it is complete and utter bullshit that they cannot visit Papa in the hospital. Yesterday Cammy was very upset about it, so I said, “Let’s talk about all the stuff we love about Papa.” His answer was so great that I decided to ask the other two kids the same question. Here, […]

    Addie J Quote

    This is what Addie's world is like. All the time.

    JULIE: I love you, Addie J.

    ADDIE J: I know!!! I love me too!!!


    …And that was delivered with no subtext whatsoever. Self-esteem: the J has it in spades.


      Jill Pointed This Out to Me This Morning:

      Yesterday, while Dad’s doctor was preparing to get some of the fluid out of Dad’s lung and everything was all quiet and serious in the room– my phone erupted into the chorus from Beastie Boys’ “She’s Crafty.” The pulmonologist laughed and Jeff and Dad shared an, “Is she serious with that ring tone?” kind […]

        It’s Been a Long Couple of Days.

        Dad is back in the hospital. He continues to show everyone what a tough dude he really is– and he continues to throw hilarious eye-rolls in moments that are ostensibly very serious and stressful, meaning that he’s been cracking me up all day long. His room was a flat-out party this evening, with no […]

          Here’s What I Think:

          Only people who are older than my mom should be doing any of the following things:

          1. Write checks at the cash register. 2. Wear sunglasses indoors. 3. Drive a sedan with a white body and dark blue top. 3. Wear jeans to the gym. 4. Have a mustache. Either gender. 5. Expound in […]

            Miscellaneous Note of the Day

            At Addie J’s bus stop, one of the children is brought by their grandmother who is a great lady, very funny and personable. And she always takes her purse to the bus stop. At first I tried to figure out if she thought it might be stolen in the house during her absence, then […]

              Good to Know.

              JULIE: You guys want some ice cream? ADDIE J: YES!!!!!! Thank you, Mommy! I love you, love you love you!!!!!! JULIE: Thanks, sweetie. ADDIE J: Know why? Because of the ice cream. JULIE: Yeah, I know. What if I wasn’t giving you ice cream? Would you still love me? ADDIE J: Yes. But it […]

                Want to See Something Awesome?

                My friend Justin linked me to this video by a friend of his, which he made in honor of his autistic daughter Bianca. It is simple, direct, and even though Lou doesn’t say a word, you will be riveted. I promise.

                If you want to hear him speak– and see a super-cute outtakes video […]


                  ADDIE J: Now, could everyone please sit calmly and quietly, so I can decide whether or not to eat this dinner?


                  GABBY: Mom, who invented the word “jeez?”

                  JULIE: Jesus.

                  ALL KIDS: [10 minutes of hysterical laughter]

                  GABBY [soberly]: That’s not funny though, Mom.


                  CAM: Mom, before I go into PetSmart and […]

                    So It’s the First Week of School….

                    and I’m already a hot mess. The kids all have different dropoff and pickup times, so I’m constantly in a state of red alert (in the middle of class yesterday, I suddenly stopped cold and stood there motionless like an idiot, because I thought I had forgotten to arrange Cam’s pickup). I forgot to […]

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