Room Parent Meeting Redux: This One I Attended.

Here’s a wrap-up for you, courtesy of the conversation Jill and I had at lunch:

JILL: Did Lila behave at the room parent meeting?

JULIE: Yeah. She did sneeze all over the table, though.

JILL: Yeah, she’ll do that. What did they think of the treat bag idea?

JULIE: Didn’t really go over.

JILL: […]

    And This is How You Know Dave and I Are Children.

    We are having tacos. Addie J is singing a song that goes like this:

    “It’s gonna be a fat, fat, taco. A fat, fat taco.”

    …And Dave and I are sitting across from each other, daring one another to keep a straight face.

      Warning of the Day:

      No one else should call me today, asking me to drop everything and bring them something they need right now. Really. I’m just advising everyone I know right now: do without it.


        I Love My Friend Todd. And I Love His Pancakes.

        Imagine chilling out on a 36" pancake. Oh, and butter, too.

        That’s not even dirty-minded or a euphemism for anything. My friend Todd VonBastiaans has hit the big-time with one of his super-cool art projects. Check it. You can find his cool, pop-art floor pillows everywhere,– he’s on Pee Wee Herman’s Facebook wall now, for […]

          Dave and Dr. Julie, M.D.

          JULIE: Hey– I self-diagnosed my Achilles tendon injury.

          DAVE: Oh my god.

          JULIE: It’s Stage 2 Tendonitis.


          JULIE: Know what that means?

          DAVE: No. And neither do you.

          JULIE: It means rest and ice.

          DAVE: …Just know that I reserve the right to mock you about this at any time.

          JULIE: Noted.


            I Would Think a Little Caveat Emptor Applies Here as Well.

            So, Reebok is having to pay $25 million for misleading information they gave about their RunTone and EasyTone shoes. Here’s an example of the claims they made about the shoe:

            The FTC’s complaint focused on very specific claims made by Reebok in ads that wearing its EasyTone footwear was proven to lead to “28 […]

              Cupcake Wars Redux

              I include this photo mainly so that you, too, will get dressed, leave the house, and go out for cupcakes at 9pm.

              My kids love watching Cupcake Wars (although they, like their mother, get really hungry for cupcakes when they watch it). The other day we watched an episode that involved a Sea […]

                Fashion Critic

                This morning I was drying my hair and Gabby came in.

                GABBY: Good morning, Mom!

                JULIE: Good morning, sweetie.

                [Gabby is staring intently at my outfit, consisting of brown tweed pants, a white shirt under a blue-grey cardigan, and boots. I promise you, I look perfectly professorial and these pants flatter my butt too.]

                JULIE[hair […]

                  You Know What Makes a Cold, Rainy 5K a pleasure to run?

                  1. Having the 5K in question be one that my sister organizes, so that we get to chat with her and all her family beforehand.

                  2. Running the race alongside my mom and my other sister.

                  3. Having my mom spit at one point. Normally this wouldn’t like fill me with delight, but this time Jill and […]

                    The Automotive Musical Stylings of Addie J, Take 2

                    Addie J sang this song monotonously and continually in the car this evening, for what felt like three years, until I began to secretly record her. I finally had to stop when the two older kids and I were overcome by the giggles. (I especially liked when Gabby tried to join in and was firmly […]

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