Ever Had Carrots and Caramel?

Addie J brought me this “delicious” “treat” about half an hour ago. And then– because I did not appear to be eating the caramel– she took it upon herself to dip my carrots generously into the caramel and then feed them to me at a brisk pace. I tried to pawn one of them […]

    Wisdoms From Addie J

    [Overheard in the car, after the J and I stopped at my parents’ place on our way to picking up the big kids.]

    GABBY: Addie, where did you get that sucker?!?!!?

    ADDIE J [around the sucker in her mouth; complacently]: From Papa.

    CAMERON: When did you see Papa?

    ADDIE J: Mommy and I were over […]

      Holy Hot Messes of the Week

      This is a random observation… but I think that, any time the Lohan family is in  the news, this is the theme song that should run under the report:


        This afternoon, while running errands, Cameron was trying to figure out a way to attend his soccer awards ceremony since we will be elsewhere during that time. Addie asked if he could just invite himself to someone’s house, and I replied that this was not polite. Gabby piped up and noted patronizingly that she would […]

          Guest Post: Brought to You By My Friend Ann’s Son, Ian

          Ian is a lively, strapping young 4-year-old boy whose main goal in life– which he takes very seriously– is keeping up with his big brother. He is also the child who, last year, got into my Advent calendar at our Christmas brunch. He was found lying on the floor in my dining room, nearly […]

            And Here’s Another Reason I Hate Autocorrect:

            Because without it, I would have emailed a colleague that an upcoming test was going to be on Scantron.

            But because of Autocorrect, I accidentally said, “It’s going to be a scrotum test, actually.”




              Chemo Cycle Two

              Thus far my thoughts on chemo are, succinctly, this:

              This better be frigging annihilating the cancer.

              Dad begins Cycle 2 next week. Send him some love.

                Losing Teeth

                Gabby lost one of her front teeth about a month ago, and its companion is on its way out now too. And I– who almost never experiences that nostalgia that causes mothers to hold onto baby clothes or cry at the bus stop– am a little sad. Here’s why: kids with baby teeth look like […]

                  I Have Nothing to Say for Myself.

                  This is the “pumpkin” I picked out from the pumpkin farm yesterday.

                  In my own defense: I originally just thought it was a cool shape.


                    Question of the Day:

                    What is it in the genetic makeup of kids, that my Saab– which the kids are rarely inside– smells all leathery and delicious…. but the van (which is kept very clean and is likewise all leather) constantly reeks like sweaty zombies?

                    I just want to know.

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