Christmas Decorating Question:

Is it acceptable to put pink-and-purple lights on your house and call them Christmas lights?

Or is there some sort of Toddlers and Tiaras holiday coming up?






    How to Receive a Compliment, by Addie J

    JULIE: JJ, I love your dimple.

    ADDIE J: [smiles]

    JULIE: You’re my beautiful girl.

    ADDIE J: …And?

    JULIE: And I love you.

    ADDIE J: And?

    JULIE: And what?

    ADDIE J: And what else?

    JULIE: ……..What?

    ADDIE J [whispering]: And Lolo loves you too.

    JULIE: And Lolo loves you too.

    ADDIE J [whispering]: And I […]

      Hair Bows: A General Shout-Out

      I would never have said that hair bows would make me cry. And then you ordered hair bows for your little ones, knowing that we would be sending 100% of the proceeds to The Sarcoma Foundation. Thank you all, so much, for your generosity. It’s quite simply awesome. And it creates occasions for us to take over my parents’ kitchen […]

        Worst. Trees. Ever.

        This is NOT our actual Christmas tree. However, please note that it IS someone’s actual tree.

        Dad got home Friday night. And on Saturday morning, because he is a champ, he accompanied all of us to a Christmas tree farm so that we could all cut down our trees. Since we didn’t want […]

          Guido is Coming Home!!!!

          Dad is headed home today, after he proves he’s good to go by taking a victory lap around the hospital floor. When I think of  his condition just three days ago, and how much he has improved since then, I am once again amazed by his toughness and his resilience. If my children have […]

            Updated Score: Dad 2, Cancer 0

            Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


              Dad Update

              Dad is back in the hospital tonight; he will be having some surgery in the morning that will help him breathe. And for the record, I am not very thrilled with any kind of universe in which my father has to suffer the way he has suffered the past two days. Thank god for […]

                Addie Thinks She Can Dance

                Addie the JLo Backup Dancer

                Would you like a total, awesome boost to your day? Watch the above video. It’s Addie J, doing her best Jennifer Lopez impersonation. And yes, that is me cackling at the very end of this video. Enjoy!!



                  So here’s the thing: myxofibrosarcoma is a nasty, devious, motherfucker of a cancer…. and we will still win. We’re off to make a new plan of attack at the start of this week, so please send all the positive healing energy you can spare.

                  Meanwhile, my family will be having our traditional Thanksgiving tomorrow, […]

                    Well, This Was Weird.

                    Maybe I'll come back later and Photoshop Dave's head onto this pic.

                    I had a vivid, long dream last night that we were having another baby. This is in spite of the fact that we took steps to close that door right after Addie J, our wonderful but unexpected surprise, was born. Even […]

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