Friendship and the Zombie Apocalypse

To be clear: Ann is wearing a bridesmaid dress in this photo.. but it is NOT the bridesmaid dress from my dream.

I had a long and random dream last night, in which my family and I were trapped– with thousands of other people– in a massive shopping center/casino during a zombie apocalypse […]

    Snipe Hunting the Popular But Well-Liked Baby Name

    I love the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, because The Interwebs provides an endless series of handy lists that encapsulate the year. Top Ten Tech Fails of 2012! Thirteen Trends We Hope Will Die in 2013! Or my personal favorite: Guinness World Records Set in 2012 (most slam-dunks by a parrot in one […]

      Post Christmas Important Facts

      A rare moment of calm on the otherwise loud and crazy Christmas morning, with my niece Cait and sister-in-law Erin. And Bloody Marys.

      1. Santa gave Cameron his long-desired (and long-refused) cell phone. And, because Santa’s own cellular contract was up and her husband did an amazing job negotiating for her new iPhone 5 […]

        Gabby Strikes Again.

        We are all busy, cleaning the house for our annual Christmas Eve party. I rounded the corner of the dining room and found this:

        I then had the following rabbit-hole conversation:

        JULIE: Could someone please remove this injured dinosaur from the dining room? GABBY: What dinosaur? JULIE: This guy in the wheelchair. He […]

          Merry Christmas!

          I took this photo at the exact instant when Dave became overwhelmed by the sheer effort it takes to remove a Barbie from its packaging. I keep pulling it back up and laughing out loud.

          We are midway through our holiday celebrations, and so far all systems are go. Some highlights:

          Here’s an […]

            Mother of the Year, for Two out of Three Kids, for About Six Hours.

            I am not crafty. Like, at all. But every once in awhile– and with inspiration from others– I can pull off something that will bring me some cred for a very limited period of time.

            Enter the Reindeer Bun, which I finagled onto both of the girls this morning, and for which both girls […]

              Passive-Aggressive Notes From the J

              Exposition: Addie J spent dinnertime singing songs about the Grinch, rather than eating. Therefore, she was unable to have a treat later.

              This note was brought to me along with a bag of crayons. Shouting, “Circle yes or no!” Addie J ran off down the hall:

              “Dear Mom, can you be nice? You’re […]

                I’m Just Telling You, So You Don’t Have to Wonder What I’ve Been Eating.

                My house now contains the following treats:

                1. Chocolate babka from Zabar’s

                2. Cinnamon rugelach, also from Zabar’s

                3. Peanut butter-Hershey’s kiss cookies

                4. Christmas cookies

                5. Fudge

                6. Oatmeal butterscotch cookies

                7. Chocolate-oatmeal bars with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup centers

                I mean, I’m only human.

                  This is One of Those Moments That, as a Parent, I’m Supposed to be Able to Handle.


                  Addie J just sneezed pre-chewed bananas partially out her nose. This means that I needed to help her get them out.

                  If anyone needs me, I’ll be curled in the fetal position over here, crying.



                    Apparently, They Didn’t Like My Dinner.

                    During dinner, which consisted of chili and cornbread made from scratch, Addie J told me that she could not eat her dinner because her lip hurt. Cameron assured me heartily- for at least five minutes- that he’d never had anything so delicious… Before suddenly discovering he was full.

                    Gabs took the direct approach: she […]

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