Look What I Found.

I washed the kids’ sheets this afternoon. I especially hate stripping the girls’ beds, because they each squirrel away stuffed animals and American Girl Doll outfits in their beds, and they keep books under their pillows to read when they think I’ve suddenly gone blind and deaf. Usually I just remove the books in […]

    Guardian Angels and College Freshmen

    Love doesn’t die.

    My dad has been a guardian angel for seven months now. I love and miss him so much; I realize it’s a constant refrain from me but if you can imagine: I say that I miss him maybe once, for every hundred or so times that I thinkit. Amazing author […]

      And This is Why You Should Never Joke About Condiments.

      Once, years ago, Dave and I were watching an episode of The Sopranos. They were having Sunday dinner and dysfunction, as usual, and in the middle of a tension-filled silence, someone asked Carmela what she had done with the green beans. Evidently the answer was balsamic vinegar, but Carmela Soprano makes everything sound extra […]

        Citizen’s Arrest

        [Dave and I had just had a chat about his renewing the license plate sticker on my Saab. A day or so later, the following conversation took place.]

        DAVE: Hey, by the way: you have a couple of tickets on the Saab.

        JULIE: What??? What are you talking about?

        DAVE: Yeah, one’s for $500, and […]

          It is 12:00 Noon…..

          …and in my neverending battle of How to Avoid Working, I have thus far done the following things:

          1. Taken the boys to band

          2. Gone to the gym

          3. Picked up the boys from band

          4. Picked up the J from swimming

          5. Taken a shower

          6. Chatted with my niece Emily for […]

            I’m Being Systematically Stalked and Harassed.

            Look at her. WHAT IS SHE PLOTTING?!?!?!?!!!?

            Addie J has done the following things within the past 36 hours. I believe she is trying to drive me insane.

            1. Spontaneously tell me, while at a wedding, that she has not changed her underwear in several days.

            2. Put her ice-cold left hand on […]

              Rhythmic Gymnastics

              Remember that time when I caught a ball like this?

              Gabby just asked me to teach her how I catch a ball with my shoulder blades, then hold it there while I do a back walkover.

              The very idea that she thinks I have this level of coordination is making my […]

                Gabbilicious: a Photo Retrospective

                Gabby was about 5 months old here and so beautiful.

                When she was about 18 months old she found the paint I was using on the windowsills, and poured it over her head.

                She fought naps with everything she had. I have tons of photos like this, where she fell asleep […]

                  Addie J’s FunKshades are here!!

                  Remember how I won a free pair of FunKshades, complete with FunK-itz for the sides? They arrived yesterday:

                  Here's an artistically taken closeup. Nice composition, huh?

                  They are SO cute. They fit her perfectly and the little charms snap on and off the sides pretty easily. In fact, a little TOO […]

                    I Am the Worst.

                    I just spoke this sentence aloud to Dave: “I don’t know if I want to go buy andouille today. I have to fill the tank and take the girls to Irish dance, so I might just come home and chill after that.”

                    In my own defense: we do have a brand-new textbook with no […]

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