This is Probably Not Okay.

I forgot to tell you that, while we were in Florida, the kids wanted to wander down to the shoreline at night. I volunteered to go with them, and on the way my niece Olivia admitted that it kind of scared her. And somehow– and I really don’t remember the genesis of this– it […]

    No Respect.

    JULIE [on phone]: Yeah… I know, I’m actually in much better shape than I was ten years ago. But then I’ll be like, “Damn it- look at that chick with the perfect body over there, harshing my buzz.”

    CAM: Whoa. Mom.

    JULIE: Hold on– what, Cam?

    CAM: Nothing. Just what you just said.

    JULIE: […]

      Not Again.

      My thoughts and prayers go out to the families and community of Sandy Hook Elementary.

      Please, let’s find a way to stop this violence.

        The Power of the Gabster

        Please let this have been the scene at the other end of the phone. If this is what was going on, then we all win.

        I got home from class today and Gabby waylaid me at the door. “Mom!!” she said. “I have a story to tell you! But I don’t know if […]

          An Expert Brett

          Addie J had this sign-thing hanging from the dining room light switch for, like, a month. It was just this random sign, I couldn’t even tell you what it said or what it was for, and no one ever mentioned it or referenced it in any way that I was aware of. So yesterday, […]


            Thank you SO MUCH for all of your awesome name suggestions! The dog’s new name is Guinness, and he seems to be settling in like a little champ: given that he came from the home of a hoarder and then went to a kennel, I don’t think he’s ever experienced carpet before. When we […]

              Addie J’s Long Game

              Looks good, right? Don't be fooled;this is vegan mac and cheese made with some product called "cheesly." Hilariously enough, I found it at a message board under the heading "Controversial Topics." Cheesly, evidently, is a hot button among vegans living in Scotland. Who knew?

              Addie will not eat macaroni and cheese unless the […]

                Surreal Conversations With Gabby.

                JULIE: Gabs, can you please clean up this room? I’m really tired of all of your stuff in little vignettes all over the room. I’d really like to see it actually put away.

                GABBY: Okay. But can I keep all the stuff?

                JULIE: As usual, you can keep everything that will fit in the […]

                  I’m Giving Some of You the Side-Eye Right Now…

                  …Because this morning, one of the top searches that led you to my site was “submissive wife training.”

                  I will say that Dave’s going to love that.

                    The Year of Shitty Firsts

                    Last night, I spoke to my friend Tobin. Regarding the Thanksgiving holiday, I said, “I don’t know. It was fine and not fine.” I told him how, in the middle of dinner, I was suddenly totally exhausted for no reason. He said, “You’re still in what I call The Year of Shitty Firsts.” And […]

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