Dad Update for the New Year

[Editor’s Note: a friend of mine pointed out to me this morning, how often I use the word “fuck” in posts about Dad’s cancer. I’m going to try to restrain myself this time.]

Dad is doing better, of that there’s no doubt. The shitty [Ed: well, at least I didn’t say “fucking shitty”] thing about it is […]


    In my normal, non-holiday-break life, I’m juggling a million things at once without a problem. I work out. I cook breakfast. I teach class. I run a household of 5 people with vastly differing schedules and I enjoy every minute of it. I prefer to be busy and productive…. in my normal life, that is. In […]

      Wishes for 2012:

      I asked all the kids what they would like from the year 2012 [note: I asked them all separately and no one heard anyone else’s responses beforehand, so each answer was spontaneous] and have recorded their answers here:

      Cam: “Papa to get better.”

      Gabby: “Papa to get better. And for people to recycle more.”

      Addie J: […]

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