Happy Thanksgiving!!!! I Have NO IDEA What I’m Doing!!!!!!

I have SO MUCH SHIT TO DO right now. (I know: you’re all like, join us, ya big baby.) But instead of finishing up this work which is threatening to drown me, I am updating you all here as to my Whirlwind Weekend of Suckiness And Then Awesomeness. It all started last August, when […]

    FMY: It’s Officially the Season.

    I have been in Michigan over the Thanksgiving holiday. I have some stories to tell you, from the sad (Dad’s absence at yet another holiday first) to the crazy (the woman who was hired to build Gabby’s Irish dance dress turned out to be a disaster of a failure).  What I have to do first, […]


      I had just called downstairs that everyone needed shoes and jackets. I was tying my shoelaces when Addie J strutted up to me. She said, “Mom, you know what I just made up? ‘FMY:’ For MY Information. So FMY: apparently we’re going somewhere and nobody told me.” Then she strutted away.

        Hug a Runner Day

        Mom, Erin, Becky, Jilly, Caitie and Bets: consider yourselves hugged.

        In case you didn’t know: today, November 20, is Hug a Runner Day. So in honor of this event, I’d like to invite you all to bring it in. I’m waiting for my hugs.


          Holiday Panic

          Not. Yet.

          So I think we’re all in agreement that Thanksgiving is rather early this year, yes? Therefore I do not understand this early holiday panic that appears to be gripping Western Civilization. Everywhere I go, people are all, “Ohmygosh I can’t believe it’s the holidays already” and “I need to get my […]


            July 4, 2011

            It has been ten months since we lost my dad. The more time goes by, the farther he gets from us– and that is hard. Also, I recognize that my friends– who have been there and been so present and supportive of me– cannot surround me like this forever. I realize that […]

              Here’s How You Can Tell Whether I’m Feeling Any Better:

              Yes, she's wearing a necktie.

              Addison J is wearing this outfit to school today, with my full knowledge. I just don’t have it in me to do anything about it.


                I was idly reading through Cam’s vocab homework sentences: “Some people deem it a dumb idea to skateboard;” “The Greeks idolized many different gods.” Then I stopped short: “Before my grandpa died,” wrote Cam,” he gave me a model car as a keepsake.” And at first I thought, well, that’s not exactly true: last Christmas, it […]

                  Gabby’s Summation of Michael Flatley

                  We were watching Riverdance videos, and then segued into some Lord of the Dance videos. I was watching Michael Flatley prance around and pose hard in front of his troupe of amazing dancers. As he skipped around, occasionally shadow-boxing and generally preening for the audience, I said, “Oh my God- if he would just […]

                    Addie J Has Black Lung, So Says Addie J

                    Now I will admit that the J has been coughing and that it ramped up a bit last night. However– and I know this will cause many of you to condemn me forever for this– I have a lighting design which I MUST finish today, no matter what. And other than this cough, the J […]

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