My Battle Scar

Last fall, as my dad got sicker and sicker, this stress manifested itself in my hair falling out. Seriously. When he died, I lost massive amounts of hair; it just fell out like it does after you have a baby. Like, every day you’re losing so many strands– in your brush, on your clothes– and […]

    The School Pickup: Imagine How My Head Would Have Exploded

    My mother-in-law, knowing how the school pickup line shenanigans make me insane (FYI, some parents continue to park on the wrong side of the street, facing the wrong direction, when dropping off their kids. Seriously? You can’t take a little trip around the block and pull up safely?!?!?!!?), sent me the below video. This […]


      I took this photo of Cam and Gabs this afternoon. They didn’t know I was behind them; they were completely caught up in themselves in that moment. When I finally called them and they turned around, both kids were wearing big, silly grins and they told me all about their conversation, which was so […]

        Things I Thought I Knew For Sure

        One of my children was recently discovered to have brought a Kindle Fire into the shower, for entertainment purposes. I would have bet our 401K that none of them would ever do such a thing, and I would have lost our retirement fund. Now I will tell you: the Kindle was miraculously unharmed– probably […]

          How She Rolls

          Dropping off the J at school today, I climbed into the car, looked to my right, and saw my little one, sitting calmly in the front passenger’s seat as though she belonged there.

          “Um… hi,” I said. “Why are you sitting up here?”

          “Because that’s how I’m rolling today,” she replied very seriously, and […]

            It is 4:42 in the AM….

            …And I am shortly off to the Hot Chocolate 5K.



              [Cam and Gabby are upstairs. Ostensibly, Cam is reading and Gabby is putting away her laundry.]

              [Wild laughter upstairs.]

              CAM: Oh my gosh!!!!! Look at it!

              GABBY: NO WAY! Cam, grab it!! Grab it before it gets away!

              CAM [in growly monster voice]: I am a tiny person and you are in big– [trails […]

                Halloween Roundup


                All of our Halloween pics either clearly identify our house or have other people's kids in them. So here's a shot of my sister, Mom, and me, right after the kids hit up a house that usually has amazing treats– and this year had only suckers. As Jill put it: "Um, pull […]

                  The Worst Ever

                  ME: Ew. The jeans in that commercial are the worst Mom jeans ever.

                  ADDIE J: Yeah, Mom!! Don’t worry-  you have the AWESOMEST Mom jeans ever.


                  ADDIE J [patting my face; with great conviction]: EVER.


                    Addie J’s Flair for Hair

                    You call it "Crazy Hair Day." We call it "A Typical Tuesday."

                    JJ has the absolute cutest sassy little bob of blonde hair. It is ADORABLE on her, and it is so easy to take care of- it naturally falls just right. All I have to do is brush it.

                    And no one has ever […]

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