Thank You, Again.

So many people have said amazing things to me about Dad and about our family, and I appreciate every single insight you have shared with us. Tonight I came over to shut down for the night and found a note from my friend Taryn. She had this to say tonight, and I love it so […]

    I Am A Shoplifter, So Says CVS

    I got home today and didn’t feel like cooking anything, so I took some pancakes out of the freezer. Then I decided that I wanted some coffee to go with them, so I put on a pot while I changed out of my Responsible Professor outfit. THEN, while changing, I remembered we were out of creamer, […]


      I would really like to be mad at someone, and I have no one to be mad at. Isn’t that crazy?? Usually I could give you a laundry list of people deserving of my wrath…. but I have learned that I am a very, very fortunate person, and we have been surrounded by love […]

        In Other News….

        …want to hear something hilarious my dad did before he died? As we each made it to the hospital and came into the room, usually fighting back tears, Dad remained calm and positive. “I love you,” he told my sister. “It’s all going to be okay,” he told me. When my sister-in-law Erin came […]

          Happy Birthday, Dad.

          For the last 15 months, my dad has been a constant presence in my thoughts– whether at the very forefront or just at the back of my head. I’m finding this a very tough machine to shut down. The first week or so following Dad’s death, I woke up very early every morning in various […]

            They Can’t Just Ask For a Snack Like Normal Kids.

            You have receved a note from… The Childrens' Helth Assosiation. Dear Parent, we have notiste you have suger cones (for ice cream) annd ice cream + that other stuff they use at the Creamery that makes you ice cream cones have a chocolate shell. FEED YOUR […]

              The Vigil

              Friday, January 13, I called my parents’ house in the morning, just to check in, as usual. “How are things?” I asked. “Um, okay,” my mother answered. “We’re going to see the doctor this morning; Dad’s having a hard time catching his breath.” I would learn later that this was the understatement of the […]

                Dad’s Slide Show.

                Y’all need to thank Dave when you see him, because he has spent literally hours figuring a way to share this slide show on this page. Click below to see the photo slide show we put together for Dad’s services; you’ll see lots of photos of Dad as a kid (looking remarkably like Cammy); […]

                  Dad’s Memorial

                  Below is a copy of the memorial that my siblings and I read at Dad’s funeral yesterday. Each of us also shared a memory of my dad that was especially important to us. By the way– I also have a copy of the amazing slide show from Dad’s wake, which I will upload for you some time tomorrow. […]

                    Thank You.

                    Dad’s wake was tonight; I am amazed and overwhelmed by the people who turned out for Dad. Truly overwhelmed: the line was over an hour long and there were police directing traffic outside all night long. We were supposed to be waking from 4-8; we actually began around 3:30 and left the funeral home […]

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