Well, This Makes For Some Awesome Potential Discussions.

Now that I think about this, Gabby actually made me a birthday card in the shape of a margarita glass yesterday– BEFORE Miss Christine gave me a margarita birthday card. If not for the fact that Cammy's card reads, "Happy Cubs Birthday" and Addie J's simply says, "Can Lily com ovr?" — I'd […]

    Best. Trainer. Ever.

    So I had my first session with a trainer this morning, and it’s safe to say that A. he is a sadist, and B. I will love him forever anyway because of the following 2 conversations:

    TRAINER [taking notes]: And how old are you?

    JULIE: Forty.

    TRAINER [stops writing and looks up]: What?!?!

    JULIE: Forty.



      I’ve got a big one coming up, you guys. I’m gonna be 40 this week. Dave already threw me an awesome party over the weekend, and apparently some kind of awesome gift is on the way, which is supercool too. A few people have asked me how I feel about turning 40, and here’s […]

        James Cash Penney, I Implore You…

        As of right now, I have been on hold for 7 minutes and 52 seconds with a respresentative at JCPenney, waiting for “her supervisor” to delete me from a rewards program I have never to my recollection used and in fact have no memory of signing up for.

        I don’t even shop at JCPenney. […]

          Addie’s Career Goals

          ADDIE: Mom, do you like to work?

          JULIE: Yes, very much. When you are an adult I hope that you like your work too.

          ADDIE J: I will. What should I do?

          JULIE: Well, you could be an artist. Or you could be an architect and design beautiful buildings. Or you could be a […]

            Happy Mardi Gras!!!

            I know. I’m late. I’m sorry.

            We had a great, and bittersweet, time in New Orleans. Mom came with us, which was awesome. Dad also came with us, in the form of a tiny little urn which held some of his ashes. We had decided to bring him along one last time, and I’m […]

              And This is the Amount of Respect I Get From My Family:

              The following conversation is underway via email. I would like to state for the record that I was the starting setter on my volleyball team in high school. Also, Mikey has a pair of baseball mitts for hands, so good luck getting a legal set out of that kid:

              MIKE: Who sent out that […]

                Bang Your Head

                The kids and I hung out in my room for a little while, watching part of an old Wonder Woman episode (don’t judge. I always have and always will love Wonder Woman). I said, “Okay, bed time,” and went into the bathroom to blow my nose. When I came back out, Addie was crying. […]

                  “I’m Attaching a Picture of Your Brave Daughter.”

                  That’s what the email from Gabby’s teacher said. And this is the photo she attached. Look at Gabby’s face, how much she is enjoying this. There isn’t an iota of fear or trepidation in Gabby…. that kid finds the joy in every moment. This is what she looks like sometimes, when she’s at Irish dance. […]

                    Gabby’s Mind is a Strange, Strange Place.

                    This morning at about 7:00, Gabby woke me up. “Mom, are you awake?” She whispered. “Yes. Is it 7:30?” I asked her (Gabby is a ridiculously early riser. Our house rule is that she cannot get out of bed before 7:30, meaning that she spends about an hour each morning, reading in bed). “No, […]

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