I mean: Jesus CHRIST.

I had about 2 hours of work I needed to complete this afternoon. I did about 45 minutes of that and then spent over an hour, scrolling through Regretsy and muttering, “Oh Jesus Christ,” under my breath.



    Addie J brought me, with great fanfare, a handmade award.

    ADDIE J: Look Mom!!! I made you this!! You won this!!

    JULIE: Oh, JJ– I LOVE it!! Thank you so much!!!

    ADDIE J: You and Daddy both won it!!!

    JULIE: He’s going to love it too. It’s so beautiful!

    ADDIE J: Are you so […]

      Good Morning, Again…

      Gabby woke me up around 6:30 to read me the phrase “a jolly good time” from her book, and ask me what it meant. She has now used it twice: once she told me I make “jolly good eggs,” and once she speculated that Irish Dance Nationals would be “a jolly good time” [by […]


        When I tucked in Cameron tonight, we talked about Papa for a bit. I said, “You’re so lucky, Cammy, because Papa will be your guardian angel your whole life.” And my sweet boy replied, “Don’t think he’s not yours too.”

          Music, It Hath Charms.

          I was a kid when Kenny Rogers’ album The Gambler came out. My dad had it, and he used to play it and play it. I know all of the songs on that album, but the one that stands out the most as my dad’s song was of course “The Gambler.” Fast-forward many years […]

            21 Jump Street

            See Channing Tatum up there? That's pretty much what he looked like the whole movie.

            Mom, Jill and I went to see this movie last night and I have a few observations:

            1. This movie is really freaking funny.

            2. Channing Tatum? Um, how come no one told me about this guy? And […]

              Word Fun With The J

              ADDIE J [holding up flashcard]: Mom, is this ‘this?’

              JULIE: That’s ‘that.’

              ADDIE J: That’s what?

              JULIE: It’s ‘that.’

              ADDIE J: What’s that?

              JULIE: The word is ‘that.’

              ADDIE J: [looks blankly at flashcard] This? This is this?

              JULIE: It’s ‘that,’ JJ.

              ADDIE J: Mom, you’re not talking understandingly.

              Also, she’s been rehearsing her […]

                Ronny Gras Update

                Ronny Gras is in full swing!! All of the Giampaolos have been busy working on our fundraiser. As it gets closer to the event itself, we’ll be adding a page to our site with listings of all of the incredible auction and raffle items we have scored, so that you can get a heads-up […]

                  Weekend Observations:

                  Here's the awesome "This cupcake-eating bitch" side-eye Addie J threw me when I told her she couldn't have any.

                  1. Having a six-boy sleepover in your living room, will make your whole house smell like sweaty 11-year-old boys.

                  2. Dave┬áchanged the oil in our cars this afternoon, because he is handy and awesome […]

                    Addie J’s Hero, Too.

                    This morning I printed Gabby’s photo of Papa for her Hero Essay. Addie J said, “Can I have one, too?” So we found a photo of her and Papa that she liked, and I printed a copy for her.

                    Then the J was at the art table, very quiet and very busy, for awhile.


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