Addie J just walked up to me and said, “I’m sorry, Mom– but even when you’re bigger than your parents, you still have to listen to them. And now I am your parents. And you have to bring me a brownie and then go to your room. I’m sorry, but that’s what’s happening.”

So […]

    Jacket Allergy, Take 2:

    Cam’s soccer games take place on a field with absolutely no protection from the elements. It’s like a windswept tundra this time of year; he played his first game yesterday evening and we FROZE: I wore Cuddle Dudz and jeans, an UnderArmour warmth shirt under a fleece hoodie under a lined jacket, and a […]

      Jacket Allergy

      I really dislike being chilly. And I’m not being one of those Weather Bitchers who are constantly all, “It’s COOOOOOLD up north!!! I HAAAAAAAAAATE it here!!!!!!” I have lived in the south, and I actually missed the changing of the seasons and grew to dislike the constant heat. When I moved back, it was with full […]

        Dave Vs. Wildlife

        This is not my front porch. But these dumb birds must be related to our dumb birds.

        Dave’s epic battle with the rabbits who eat our shrubs is well known across the land… but I don’t know if anyone has ever heard about his struggle with the doves that badly want to nest […]


          "Papa: I luv you and mis you."

          Dad’s absence creeps up on me in unexpected ways. A few days ago, I was walking down the sidewalk in the city, wondering idly what the block would look like in twenty years. It hit me suddenly that, twenty years from now, Dad would still be gone. […]

            Get Your Clicking Finger Ready!!

            My family and I are really moving into high gear with our planning for Ronny Gras. We have incredible auction items– from Miche bags to massage packages to a week’s stay in Fort Myers. We have Sprinkles cupcakes, unlimited food, and unlimited top shelf liquor. There will be live music by The Lady Upstairs, DJ Dirty […]

              People Are Straaaaaange.

              I always enjoy reading the different search terms that lead people to my blog. Yesterday, for example, several people came to my blog in a search for how to look good in skinny jeans when you’re a guy. Today’s most popular search term (other than The Family Jules obviously)?


                Ways You All Keep Me Humble #126:

                I mentioned last week, that I was headed to a rooftop Cubs game over the weekend. One of my readers, Pat, emailed me that he would be at a rooftop party the same time. Turned out we were at different addresses, and we wished each other well and that was that. Then, as our […]

                  My Mom Is Officially On My List.

                  “Gabby!!” I said. “Will you PLEASE put your books into your backpack, instead of just stacking it all on top?”

                  “Okay,” she said.

                  “Thank you,” I answered. “That drives me insaaaaaaaane. Now, let’s get you to Irish Dance.” On the way there, Gabby asked me if I ever did anything to annoy my own […]

                    Birthdays, Hard Questions, and Burritos

                    Our family has 2 very important birthdays today: my niece Olivia is now 10, which is a very important birthday, and my punk-ass little brother Mikey set a match to his twenties this morning too!!! Happy birthday, Libbie– I love you! And happy birthday, Mikey– I TOTALLY love you for planning a Cubs rooftop […]

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