More Addie J…

She spent part of this morning sobbing, totally despondent about Papa. The worst part for me was when she said, “I really wanted him to stay!!” –And this was about ten minutes before the school bus was due to pick her up. Suck.

But what do you do? I offered to take her to […]

    Addie J Just Sneezed on My Face.

    That is all.

      My New Mantra.

      Cam and I heard this song on the radio on the way to band this morning. I said to him, “Is this you and Brett??” and earned a withering glare. (Then he changed the station and landed on NPR, where a woman was delivering news in clipped British tones. “Oh– is THIS you?” I […]

        Gabby Does Word Problems

        Here’s the word problem we were working on:

        A teacher needs 93 markers for a project. Markers come in packs of 10. How many packs must she buy?

        Below that, Gabby wrote “9 packs.” We had the following exchange:

        JULIE: Gabs, take another look at this.

        GABBY: Right. Nine packs.

        JULIE: How many markers […]

          Today Makes it Three Months.

          This photo of the 24-member-strong Giampaolo family was taken in the fall of 2011.

          Exactly three months ago today, it was my great honor to be at my dad’s side with my family as he won peace in his battle with cancer. It seems like a lifetime ago and it seems like it […]

            I Am Geriatric.

            Sorry, J Lo. All that glitter can't hide the fact that you're AN OLD WOMAN. Just ask my 5-year-old.

            Addie J, watching television, said in disgust, “Look at that old lady, trying to dance, Mom! Old people should NOT dance!”

            It was Jennifer Lopez.


              More Procrastination: Here’s the Sock Bun.

              1. Cut the toe off of a sock (I used a black sock to blend in with my dark hair, cuz I’m smart and forward-thinking like that).

              2. Put your hair in a ponytail.

              3. Roll the sock into a donut shape.

              4. Thread the ends of your hair through the sock. Now just […]

                Weekend Bullet Blog

                My friend Michelle taught me how to make a bun in my hair with the aid of a sock. I have had my hair in a sock bun for like 36 hours and will probably wear it to the gym tomorrow. This is actually much cooler-looking than it sounds. After some mishaps and […]

                  Good Morning!!!!

                  Addie J is eating a ketchup-and-mayo sandwich for breakfast. Which reminds me of the following conversation from yesterday:

                  ADDIE J: Mom, I like metchup. Know what this is? JULIE: Nope. ADDIE J: It’s mustard and ketchup together. I like to eat it with a spoon. JULIE: Wait a minute– CAMERON: Or you could call […]

                    I Deserve Some Kind of Award for This Performance.

                    Those of you who know me personally will appreciate my state of mind right now. I just gave the following speech after performing a related service. I did so calmly and matter-of-factly, and my audience is thus totally calm and matter-of-fact:

                    Ticks are like mosquitoes- they can’t hurt you, they’re just kinda gross. They […]

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