Crappy Easter!!

Easter Bunny, my ass.

Here’s a secret for you: I don’t really like Easter. I don’t know what my problem is, really– maybe I never got into it because I think jelly beans and Cadbury Cream Eggs are gross. I just am not a fan. Plus, in true Julie and Dave Didn’t Think […]

    Monday Morning Awesomeness:

    This morning Addie J decided that I was the queen [Ed. note: About time!!!!!] and made me a crown, which she taped securely to my forehead. The crown is made from paper recycled from my old tests, sliced into strips at the top and colored yellow with a crayon. I thanked Addie profusely and promptly forgot […]


      So we were all at my mom’s house, and for some reason, Jill and I started performing: I was lying on my back with my legs straight up, balancing Jill on my feet, while she pretended to swim. We called it “Cirque du Soleil.”

      Really. We were really doing this.

      Anyway, we eventually pulled ourselves together […]

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