Don’t You Hate it When People Tell You They’re So Busy?

Seriously, let’s all just look around and agree: everyone is very busy. It’s true: we are all running busily around and no one gets to spend every night, chilling in the living room, watching movies on Spike and eating cereal. (Clearly, this is my dream evening.) So when I tell you that I haven’t updated […]

    New Addition to The Top 5 Grossest Things I’ve Ever Seen:

    Watching someone remove my daughter’s toenail, after a barefoot scooter accident did about 75% of the job first.

    I should clarify: while I am exceedingly squeamish when it comes to snot and spit….. blood and guts don’t bother me in the least (I can’t it explain it either). So, sitting on the hospital bed […]

      Where Dad Is

      See the little note attached to the stick? It's from Addie J. It says, "I love you Ronild." No idea why she went with his given name, but it's adorable.

      Over the weekend Mom, Dave, the kids, and I took a trip to see Dad in his beautiful resting place. It continues to […]

        The School Dropoff

        We live close to the kids’ school, which I like very much. In fact, we live too close for the kids to ride the bus, meaning that we drive them to school 90% of the time. Actually I like this very much too, for the most part.


        Over the past 5 years of […]

          Can You Stand Another of Addie’s Love Letters to Papa?

          And the funny thing is that I’ve shown you only a fraction of the pictures and letters she’s written to her Papa. She doesn’t generally show them to me; I come upon them around the house.  It shows you what a sweet and loving disposition my little one has. I thought this one was especially […]

            Hey Girl.

            I know, the Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” meme is played. BUT I just saw “Hey Runner Girl” on my friend Taryn’s Facebook wall, and I was giggling the whole time. My personal favorite:


              Living With Gabby is Like This, a Lot of the Time.

              JULIE: So, what are you doing at school today, Lishie?

              GABBY: Well, my top priority is hanging out with my friends.

              JULIE: Right. But what about in school? What’s your teacher planning for the day?

              GABBY [sigh]: Well, you know how you always tell me that I can’t control other people, I can only […]

                File Under “More Words I Hope They Never Say Correctly:”

                Ever since we planted (among other things) snapdragons over the weekend, Gabby has been referring to them as “dragon snappers.” Please God, don’t ever let her learn the right word.

                  Want to be Part of Our Slide Show?

                  During the whole of Ronny Gras, we will be projecting a slide show depicting people who have fought, or are fighting, cancer in any form. If you or your loved ones have been touched by cancer, we’d love to add your photo too. Please email your photos to, with “Slideshow” in the subject line, […]

                    It Is 8:18……

                    …….and Addie J isn’t up yet. This isn’t really a surprise, as the J is and has always been a fabulous sleeper. Yesterday she slept until 11:30 in the morning, in fact– and I talk about her ability to sleep, and to sleep through anything, with nothing but delighted gratitude. You will recall that […]

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