Ronny Gras is Here!!!

Finally! Our benefit in Dad’s honor is this evening. I’m so excited and can’t wait to see and thank all of you who have been so great– donating your time and talent, helping us procure amazing raffle and auction items, or just buying tickets or sending donations. Our family is truly blessed to be […]

    A Little Hello From Dad

    At the gym this morning, I was finishing up my workout with some hard intervals on the treadmill and listening to Pandora. I was about 15 seconds into a steep, fast incline– working hard and focused only on my lungs and my legs– while Peter Gabriel’s “Mercy Street” played. Suddenly the lyrics jumped out at me:

    Dreaming […]

      Words to Live By:

      Be the heroine of your life– not the victim.

      ~Nora Ephron


        Scratch & Sniff Stickers and My Optometrist

        If only Dr. S. had had the Fried Chicken.

        I had an eye appointment yesterday morning. In fact, it came in really handy, because while I was in Nashville I somehow destroyed my last left contact lens; as a result I’ve been walking around totally unfocused. I tried to read the eye chart […]

          Confidential to All My Girlfriends From Last Weekend’s Bachelorette Party:

          Okay, seriously: can you imagine if this was Sheri’s plan for walking down the aisle? The biggest difference here is that the camera would also catch all of us, shaking in horrified hysterics. The show Glee has caused so much damage to people’s perception of the world as a place where normal citizens do not break […]

            Why?…. And a Gabbyism

            Dave: downstairs at his desk. Me: standing on a ladder, painting my bathroom. Gabby comes in. “Mom?” she says. ” I was downstairs, trying to to get this jar open.”

            Dave: still downstairs at his desk. Me: balanced precariously on the edges of the tub, trying to reach the back corner. Cameron yells from downstairs: […]

              Subtle Hints by Addie J

              We went to the library yesterday. I stopped by the parenting section and picked up a book on making your children feel heard. And Addie J brought it to me this morning, after I told her she could not have ice cream for breakfast: “Mom, why don’t you read some of this,” she said.

              What I […]

                Ronny Gras and Warrior Dash.

                How about our cute Warrior tanks? On mine the word "warrior" kept getting annoyingly caught under my boobs. True story.

                Okay, so I read not long ago, that when you face a life challenge, you really find out the character of your friends. And I was all, oh, that’s so pithy, now I’m […]

                  Happy Father’s Day!!

                  One of my all-time favorite photobombs.

                  This one goes out to Dave, who (without a good example in his childhood) became the wonderful, engaged, and present dad he is through his own good instincts. And to my dad, who over the years became like a father to Dave, and who is loved so much, always.


                    Okay, Dad:

                    This morning is Warrior Dash, and Mom has specifically told me that we are not allowed to die while running this course (she says it’s too hard to find volunteers to replace us at Ronny Gras). So, while you’re laughing your ass off as Jill freaks out at high obstacles, and Dave shoves me bodily over walls– […]

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