This Is Why I Clasp My Hands Together.

When I watch Cam play soccer, I often catch myself “kicking the ball” during tense moments. Because, you know: having your mom make repetitive kicking motions from her folding chair is so cool. So I really try not to do that. Same with Gabs: when she’s onstage, I unconsciously clench and unclench my fists, […]

    I Do Not Even Know.

    Last night, the kids spent a great deal of time working on our neighbor’s driveway with sidewalk chalk. When it was quite dark, I came outside to tell them to come in and they excitedly told me to come and see their handiwork. Behold the product of their efforts:

    All work and no […]

      The Water Park.

      We have just returned from a water park. 75% of us have been disinfected to my satisfaction.

      I just want to say that water parks seem like they will be so fabulous, until you get there. Then, at some point, you realize you’re paddling around in a chlorinated pool of children’s urine.


        Nothing To See Here….

        …Because I definitely have not totally overcommitted myself again. I am so not delivering a presentation downtown Saturday morning, then heading north to do wedding makeup for my beautiful friend Sheri and her lovely daughters. I wouldn’t do that to myself! The logistics would be crazy: would I try to drag all my makeup, and my wedding […]

          File This Under “Robsten: Dave’s Tolerance of Tweets About”

          Dave is trying to finish up some work in the office. I am trying to distract him by reading him tweets from Twilight fans, who are devastated at today’s revelations that Bella (aka Kristen Stewart) cheated on her real-life boyfriend, Sparkles the Friendly Vampire: “I mean, they’re really taking this seriously, Dave. ‘Earthquakes can’t shake […]

            Yogurt Bomb


            I mean, I guess I'm glad THIS didn't happen. Right?

            I am wondering: just how many times does karma permit a yogurt accident to splatter generously all over one house, before the universe is in balance once again?

            I mean, is it three? Cuz I’m really hoping that the answer is […]

              Points of View

              [UPDATE: the link to the article is fixed. Thanks, Wendy.]

              When I posted this entry last week– wherein I suggested that it is in poor taste to criticize those parents whose children were at the movie theatre during the Colorado shooting– my blog received more than three times its usual […]


                Once, my college boyfriend was talking about someone we knew who was acting, in his opinion, passive-aggressive. I didn’t necessarily agree and I said, “Well, do you think I act passive-aggressive?” He replied, “No, you’re more aggressive-aggressive.”

                I both appreciated this and agreed with it. And in that respect, not much has changed: I […]

                  Today Makes It Six Months.

                  Much of this little project was Cam's idea- he proposed we each write down something we wished we could say to Papa.

                  It was Gabby who suggested we photograph each other like this.

                  Addie J really can't write on unlined paper but didn't really want me to draw lines help her […]


                    GABBY: Hey Mom! It’s National Ice Cream Day!!!

                    ADDIE J: It is!??!!? Mom, can we get some National Ice Cream???

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