Two Things, Quite Possibly Related:

1. Jill and I went for a run today, with 2-1/2-year-old Lila in the jogging stroller. The tires in the stroller seemed a bit flat; it was like pushing fifty pounds of rocks in a wheelbarrow for a few miles.

2. Jill subsequently went upstairs for a cool shower. She came back down twenty minutes later, […]

    Take it Away, Dr. Phil..

    So, this happened:

    ‘Toddlers & Tiaras’: 4-Year-Old Takes Stage With Cigarette

    And in an attempt to accurately express my reaction of weary disgust, I turn to Mr. James Van Der Beek: […]

      Go Away, Isaac.

      My friends Marty and Renee live in Nola and texted me this yesterday afternoon:

      No power. No Internet. Having a hard time finding out what the storm is doing. Still windy and raining. Probably be without power for many, many days. Going stir crazy already. Other than that, we are fine and trying to […]

        Turtle Herding: Addendum 1

        Just imagine what happens when your 6-year-old gets a knot in these laces. Now imagine that happening EVERY DAMN DAY.

        I was gratified to see that so many of you experience the same morning routine as I do… I’d like to know whether mine are the only children who cannot get it together […]

          Turtle Herding

          Have you come across the term before? Here is an explanation (disclaimer: the term really applies only to the girls, as Cameron is awesome about getting ready in the mornings):

          60 minutes to school: Gabby is up, in my bathroom slamming doors and whisper-yelling “Sorry Mom!!”

          55 minutes: Gabby comes out of bathroom to […]

            You Know How I Feel About New Orleans.

            You know that it’s one of my favorite places on earth, right? That it was my home for several years? That we go back to visit as often as possible? ..Well, I’m looking at this projected path for Hurricane Isaac, and it’s really pissing me off. Please send all your “leave NOLA alone” vibes in […]

              First Week Follies

              -It only took me three days to forget to pin Addie J’s name tag on her.

              -It only took Dave and me ONE day to forget to make after-school arrangements for Cam and Gabs, when we both unexpectedly had to work. And we did not realize it until after they had already headed off to […]

                Just to Let You Know:

                See what I'm saying?

                …..When you are wearing light-blue Mom Jeans with a 10-inch zipper and tapered ankles– you simply, objectively, do not look cool. And don’t get mad at me; I don’t make the rules. I am also not ripping on your car of choice. For the record: I drive a Saab 9-5 and […]

                  Followup Statement:

                  “You can wear as much underwear as you like. Your underwear usage is unlimited.”


                    Statements You Cannot Believe Come Out of Your Mouth:

                    “Socks are like underwear. They’re a one-time-use only.”

                    I will keep the guilty party anonymous.

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