Fair is Fair.

I have a friend who lives in another state, but comes here on a a regular basis, for various business and personal reasons. Therefore, he has iPass transponders for his car. He recently sent me his transponders and a letter he had received, giving a list of local places where he could arrange a […]

    Thoughts For a Thursday Morning:


    If you look closely, you'll notice they came running to greet me– fake nerd glasses and all– before I even got out of the car. If they ever stop doing that, I'll be inconsolable.

    I really think that the world would be a better place, if everyone got to watch Addie J throwing […]

      Dear Cosmos:

      Thank you for giving me a son who– when he sees me pulling into the driveway– stops whatever he’s doing with the neighbor kids, runs over to my car, and gives me a hug. Please make it always so.

        That’s Not What I Meant.

        So I was talking to my class today about how parenting changes your everyday life. I have mentioned here (ad nauseum) that I don’t really get to see movies that I would like; finding myself instead at Paranorman and Ratatouille and, God help me, Justin Bieber. So I said, “Now that I have kids, I […]

          Weirdest Search Terms That Lead to My Site

          Yesterday, someone searching “big nose monkey family” found my blog. And from all appearances, hung around for quite some time. Also have I mentioned that “sombrero” leads many people to me? And “picture of eyes” and “big ass” and (my favorite) “cankles?” Never change, Interwebs. Never, ever […]

            The Great Shushing of My Generation; Or, I Got Shushed at This Event Last Night.

            "Get off my lawn!!"

            Last night, an important event for my alma mater was held at a fancy place downtown. At the 11th hour my schedule cleared so that I could join my beloved college girlfriends and meet up with others. I gleefully texted my friends: “OMG I’M COMING TONIGHT I’M SO EXCITED […]

              Greco-Roman Wrestling

              [I don’t actually know what Greco-Roman wrestling entails. I’m not sure I could tell the difference between that and Jello wrestling; I just think the name is cool.]

              Last night, as we were finishing dinner, Cameron began a long and involved tale, explaining how he had hurt himself on his bike. He was kneeling […]

                Small Distinctions, Big Differences

                We discovered this evening, that our beloved Addison J did not know there was a difference between “reading aloud” and “reading as loud as you can.”

                This explains so much.

                  Things That Are Difficult for Some Reason: School Dropoff (Yes, Still.)

                  This morning I joined the line at the school as usual. As I was pulling up to the line of cars along the sidewalk, a car suddenly veered over from the opposite direction and pulled over in front of me. Now our cars were nose-to-nose, with this woman’s car facing the wrong direction. She […]

                    An Aside:

                    I live for the day when I no longer find used, brightly-colored children’s Band-Aids scattered throughout my property.


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