Birthday Surprises

I think Justin Bieber wore this as my birthday present. Purple leopard big-boy pants? Spikey yellow trucker hat (which he’s not wearing, so much as he has decorated the top of his head with it)? Stupid glasses? TWO watches, one for each spindly little dude-wrist? …Thank you, little man. Best gift EVAH.

Last […]

    Get Lucky Shirts Update, Part Two!

    I just did a search for “leprechaun” and this was the first image to come up: “Leprechaun in the Hood.” I’m using it because I think that is hysterical; also, I didn’t even know there was a Leprechaun movie where the leprechaun is terrorizing “the hood.”

    What an amazing response to our shirts. […]

      Get Lucky Online Order Link

      The link to order Get Lucky t-shirts went up today!!!! If you’d like to buy a shirt, click  here. You can select pickup or ship, choose Men’s or Women’s cut, pick a size, the whole deal.

      If you hate this idea and want to send a check to buy your shirt, send me a […]

        Get Lucky T-Shirts Are In!!!!!!

        Last year, we sold Ronny Gras tshirts at an Irish Fest, proceeds going to Sarcoma Foundation of America, and although we did a brisk business, people kept wandering by, half-hammered, and asking if we had any Irish-themed shirts. So this year, we do! Summer Tarr of Starrworks Creative took this embarrassing scrap of a sketch that I sent her (this reminds me […]

          The Present

          Just look at these little faces.

          When my kids were very small, I used to tell them, “How old are you now? … That’s too old. Stop growing, right this minute!!” …But I never truly felt that way, like I wanted to freeze time. Jill and I were just talking about this the […]

            Not Enough

            ADDIE: Mom, will Papa be gone forever?

            JULIE: Yes, J. I’m very sorry, honey.

            ADDIE: Well, he only went to…… five of my birthday parties! Five!!

            JULIE: That’s right.

            ADDIE [beginning to cry]: That’s not enough!

            JULIE [same problem]: I know, sweet girl. I agree with […]

              Not Kidding.

              Jill gave us an adorable white lace tunic for the girls, and Addie J wanted to wear it to school today. She got up a little late, so as is our rule, I picked out her clothes. I really didn’t feel like battling over outfits this morning, so I went with the lace top […]

                If We Were Horses, We’d Be Dead By Now.

                We took the kids to see Escape from Planet Earth yesterday. In terms of an outing, it was fun- nice to spend that time together, I got to eat Sno-Caps- all good. The movie itself, though? Damn.

                This film might as well have called itself Heavy Handed Pandering to Perceived Family Values. So there’s […]

                  Candy Insults

                  Addie J just brought me a Valentine Heart, saying, “This is what I’m saying to you, Mommy.” Then she hugged me and ran away. I believe the heart was intended to read, “U R HOT,” but it was stamped a little crooked.

                  So what Addie J was saying to me ended up being, “U […]

                    The Irrelevance of Libraries

                    British author Terry Deary, who writes the Horrible Histories children’s series, recently said that he believes libraries are obsolete. His reasoning:

                    Authors, book-sellers and publishers need to eat and they don’t expect to go to a food library and eat for free. Books are part of the entertainment industry. This is not the Roman […]

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