Easter Egg Dying. That’s not a Misspelling.

“The power of Christ compels you!”

The kids and I are shortly off to my mother’s for our annual Massive Easter Egg Dyeing Session. This will involve at least 96 eggs in various states of cooked; 23 individual mugs of egg dye (and never enough mugs of blue); several adults trying unsuccessfully to […]


    Kind of hard to see past the J’s crazy-old-rich-lady outfit- but although she thinks she’s the focus of this photo, I know that you all see the real star of the show here:

    Mustache. Freaking. Scarf.

      Exactly 21 Hours After Spring Break Began….

      ……Cameron opened the back door and said, “Mom? There’s nothing to do.”


        In Which Addie Tests Her Boundaries.

        DAVE: Guinness, get out from under the table. JULIE: Don’t yell at the dog or he’ll pee. DAVE: I’m not yelling. Just, Guinness, just get out from under the table. Guinness, get out– oh, come on. ADDIE J [sympathetically]: He pissed, huh? DAVE: JULIE: DAVE: …What? ADDIE J: did he piss? He took a […]


          IT HAS BEEN DAYS AND DAYS!!!!!!!!!

          That is all.

            Fun With Homework.

            This is a pretty good job, no?

            ADDIE J: Mom, I can’t figure out this answer.

            JULIE: What  have you got?

            ADDIE J: It says ‘Mom was BLANK baking a cake.’ Fill in the missing word. There’s ‘become’…. there’s ‘celebrate’….

            JULIE: Try all the words in the sentence until you find the one that […]

              Dad and the J

              Addie J does not like to be left in the car alone. Not, like, in a parking lot or something– so kidnappers, you can stand down– but if I’m in someone’s driveway, picking up one of the other kids or something. She makes me promise that I won’t go inside or even leave her […]

                What Addie Inherited From My Mom

                This tiny creature has an untapped well of toughness. Who knew?

                Addie J has, as she puts it, “a wiggly tooth.” (Or more accurately, she puts it: “I HAVE A WIGGLY TOOTH!!!!!!!!!!”) This is just absolutely huge news, as you can imagine; she’s closing in on her seventh birthday and this will be […]

                  Overreacting? What Do You Mean?

                  I’m just going to leave this here and let you decide. By the way: “It’s no different than yelling ‘Fire’ in a crowded theatre?” Really??

                  Perspective: you’re not there yet.

                  Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, […]

                    Lock Me Down.

                    This is what I look like after a GroopDealz bender.

                    I’m not much of a go-to-the-shops kind of shopper (my only exception is workout gear. LOVE going out to buy workout gear. Otherwise, hate it). But I have a well-documented scarf problem, in which I am physically unable to stop myself from buying […]

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