I’m Done.

ADDIE: Mom, can I wear this tank top?

[Every day for the past 7 weeks, the J has asked to wear a series of inappropriate outfits that break either the school dress code or the laws of society as a whole. The sticking point in the school dress code, of late, has been that all straps […]

    Revenge, Gabby Style

    Yesterday, when the kids came home from school, Gabby ignored the following requests from me:

    1. “Clean up the art table.” [She brought some markers to show me, and left them on my desk.]

    2. “Put away those markers.” [I found them ten minutes later on the kitchen counter.]

    3. “Don’t bring any more food downstairs.” […]

      Just Saying.

      I just came upstairs to brush my teeth, and found this:

      Now, the truth is that Dave picked these up at my request, after I broke the belt on the upstairs vacuum. However: a package of vacuum cleaner belts in the master bath, placed specifically next to the sink known as Julie’s Sink? […]

        Frying Pan or Fire?

        Addie’s so gangsta.

        Addie is wandering around the house singing Flo Rida’s cover of Right Round, including the lyrics “You spin my head right round, right round.. when you go down, when you go down down…” And here we have my dilemma: do I ignore it and hope it will go away, or […]

          Running Into the Ex…’s Brother?

          Gabby had a dance competition this weekend (again: notice how I avoid using the word “feis?” It’s just so… I don’t know, precious). She had an INCREDIBLE competition and came home with one of the biggest prizes of the day, which is what led to the amazing smile you see here on her face. […]

            Memorial Day

            To all servicemen and women, both active and retired, whether here or at peace: thank you. And a special shoutout to PFC Ron Giampaolo: I love and miss you. (FYI Mom thinks she saw a mouse. I’d get on that if I were […]

              Father’s Day Love, Addie J Style

              Addie J brought home a Father’s Day gift for Dave today. She bypassed the little note she wrote which said, “Sav Until Fothr’s Day” and gave it to him immediately. Part of it included a list of sentences for the J to complete: “My dad likes to _______,” or “My dad sings like _____.” […]

                I’d Say This Weekend is the Summer Kickoff, But Pancakes

                Normally I’m all over Memorial Day weekend and its promise of a summer’s worth of patio hangout time. This year, though, we are having a long, chilly spring. This weekend promises to be more of the same. It almost doesn’t matter, though, because we have about a million indoor obligations this weekend.

                ….. I […]

                  A Measure of My Personal Laziness:

                  I’ve technically been on break for 48 hours now. (I’m starting back up on June 1, so don’t get all “I can’t believe you get to lie around for months” on me, by the way.) And this is how rapidly all of my drive and ambition dissipates: I have a meeting downtown today, for which I […]

                    Let This Be a Lesson To Me. (Spoiler: It Won’t.)

                    Yesterday I had to do three things: get my new ring sized, submit something for work, and make sure the dog stopped licking the sore spot on his leg. I thought I would make all three errands more efficient as follows:

                    1. Have my wedding rings cleaned and the mounts checked (I mean, as […]

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