Plague/ Cobra Venom/ Whatever That Was Update: She’s Better.

“Look at me!” she said. “I’m normal!”I wouldn’t go that far.

The pediatrician’s advice was the charm. With the right medication (which, by the way, caused her to fall asleep within an hour of taking it last night, and then to sleep straight through to 9:30 this morning), Addie’s bug bites or whatever […]

    Plague Update:

    …Well, we are now at the stage where, per her pediatrician who does not think it was a mosquito, we have drawn lines around the borders of the swelling and labeled them with the time. Let’s all hope that the swelling does not go beyond those borders– or if they do, let’s hope it either happens […]

      Mosquito Bites or The Plague? **WITH UPDATE**

      Addie J began the day yesterday with three mosquit0 bites: one on her shoulder, one on her arm, and one above her right eye. The one on her shoulder (although still big) remained fairly static, but the other two continued to swell over the course of the day. By dinnertime, her eye was noticeably […]

        See Ya, DOMA!

        It’s especially fun if you pretend the dude is Michele Bachmann, and the woman is Michele’s husband Marcus.

        Remember when I told you about Edie Windsor? Well, she won her case today. The Supreme Court struck down the dumbass Defense of Marriage Act in a majority opinion written by Justice Anthony Kennedy. They declined to […]

          Happy Birthday to the J

          Here she is at about a month old, in what continues to be her default state.

          On June 22, 2006, our beloved Addie J (birth name: Addison Julia) was born. She is very excited and therefore heavily involved in the details of tomorrow’s birthday party– for example, she has requested a yellow cake […]


            I haven’t had the chance to say this yet; my sweet cousin Julie left us three years ago yesterday. My aunt and her sons, Julie’s brothers, had their annual balloon release at the cemetery and this year I was working, so I had to miss it. I hated to miss it.

            I just wanted […]

              Gabbyism of the Day

              “So this lady we saw had the shortest skirt, Mom! It wasn’t even long enough to be a skirt. It was like her butt was wearing a hat!”

              Tell me she heard this somewhere before.

                An Open Letter to Charles Saatchi

                Dear Mr. Saatchi:

                You have recently come to my attention as the husband of chef Nigella Lawson. As you know, you are in the news this week because of photos taken last week of the two of you, sitting outside at a restaurant. The photos, which you can see here, show you repeatedly grabbing your wife by the neck. […]

                  You Know It’s Summer…

                  …..Because my kids are earnestly trying to convince me that “chlorine” and “soap” are the same thing.

                    Complex Morning Negotiations

                    Cam left early this morning for a daylong soccer camp. I woke him about forty minutes before he had to leave and he said, rolling over, “I can’t get up yet. It’s not possible.” Not long before he left, he was sitting at the kitchen table, finishing his breakfast, barefoot. I remarked, “Do you […]

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