In Which I Complain About Various School-Year Expenditures

True story.

The advent of the school year always comes with a flurry of additional expenditures, and this we all know. Yet somehow, there comes a point in the relentless onslaught of school milk accounts and sports physical copays and extracurricular activity fees, where I simply reach saturation point. If someone just handed me a bill in […]

    It’s an Addie J Trifecta…

    She is killing it today.

    We were sitting down to eat dinner when Addie J’s friend came to the door. “I’ll send her over in about twenty minutes,” I promised. Then we sat down to eat; incidentally, Gabby had a contest with herself to see how much food she could fit in her mouth (almost half […]

      Addie J Has Terrible Taste in Music.

      You gotta be kidding me, little girl.

      Sorry. She does. I have spent more car trips than I care to think about, with bad music blaring while the J rocks out in the back to Selena Gomez or One Direction or freaking Kesha (sorry Kesha: a dollar sign is not a letter). Yesterday, one of […]

        A Letter From Fred

        Check out this incredibly romantic tribute by a 96-year-old widower to his beloved wife. I would have loved it no matter what– but I love it extra, because the story originates in East Peoria, Illinois. Peoria is the town of my own husband’s childhood, and it’s where that side of our family lives– so I […]

          Overachieving Parents, Please Sit Down.

          Sorry, guys. Turns out, the star of this original post did not think it was as funny as we did, and asked us to take the photos down.



            PSA: I Have No Awesome Stuff.

            GABBY: Mom, I’m dead.

            JULIE: Thank goodness. What a load off my mind.

            GABBY: What?! Not cool, Mom. Actually, I’m totally alive.

            JULIE: Aw, MAN……

            GABBY: I’m stealthy like that. Why don’t you ever play dead?

            JULIE: Because if I did, I’d have to lie there and listen to you guys fight over who […]

              Second Day Report…

              Gabby once again ate two bites of her breakfast, then chattered excitedly about her day’s plans until it was time to leave. Also: Gabby seems to be unable to share an umbrella. It was like trying to shelter a grasshopper. I stepped outside with Cam, holding the umbrella. He sais in an overly casual […]

                Notable Moments From the First Day of School:

                1. First of all, I would like to state for the record that yesterday’s Last Day of Summer schedule of trail walks, Jimmy John’s, swimming, waffle cones, and a new movie were judged “Different from our list, but just as fun” by the Gabster. Just saying.

                2. …But that insane child of mine left […]

                  Thinking Big

                  Just so that you understand what I’m working with here, this is a list brought to me by the kids, of what they would like to do on the last day before school starts:

                  Go out to breakfast Go to a trampolining place* Go out to lunch Go to the movies Bowling maybe? Go […]

                    It’s Alright.

                    Dad has been gone from our lives for one year, seven months, and three days. As many of you know, I have spent a lot of time working through this loss while running. Sometimes I have to run slowly, so that I can breathe through my tight throat; and other times it’s as fast as I […]

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