Random Happenings

From the Land of the J:

Betsy and I teased her yesterday that she was in trouble. She took it so seriously that she began to cry. Betsy and I, therefore, suck. We cleaned out her closet and drawers yesterday. She was a pretty good sport about throwing out 2 bags full of […]

    How Long Have I Been Acting Crabby?!

    Last night I was looking for a link on my page, and scrolled through the last two weeks of posts. And I’ve discovered that I’ve kinda been bitchy lately, haven’t I? I’ve been snarking on people right and left, complaining about injuries I don’t even have myself, and generally White Whining your ears off.


      Move Over, Gwyneth: There’s Another Pretentious Fool in Town.

      I’m likely just jealous that she gets to rest her head on Ryan Reynolds’ 6-pack abs every night…. but still: I cannot WAIT to snark on this.



      Blake Lively on her new, “totally new idea OMG no one has ever done before” lifestyle website venture or something:

       The main element of it […]

        Prometheus, Eating BLTs

        This is NOT how it went.

        CAM: Are we having BLTs? I love BLTS!!!!

        ADDIE J: I’m not having a BLT.

        JULIE: Addie, is that dry toast?

        ADDIE J: Right. I’m just having a B.

        JULIE: …. No, you have to have more than that.

        ADDIE: Okay, I’ll put some mayo on it. […]

          In Which Samuel L. Jackson Makes Me Happy Again

          This morning, I’m still handling fallout having to do with poison ivy and tongue injuries and all kinds of shenanigans. So I spent my lunch break reading this absolute source-of-joy interview with Samuel L. Jackson. Now, I may have mentioned here that I rarely like to know anything about the personal lives of the […]

            Ways That I Suck Today:

            [Important: these examples have been either strongly implied, or straight-out told to me, by my three children, all prior to 7:15 this morning. Evidently, I began sucking really early this morning.]

            Made Cam go to school THIRTY MINUTES EARLY YOU MUST BE JOKING to take a quiz he missed. Refused to allow Gabby to wear […]

              Late-in-the-Day Friday Bullet Blog

              I am literally too lazy to check my voicemail. My mother-in-law gave me a gigantic bag of Pumpkin Seed Tortilla Chips. She is entirely responsible for how fat they will make my ass. The school dropoff line continues to suck. How is it that no one is getting any better at this? I am […]

                I Don’t Even Know.

                I just watched Gabby practice her Social Studies presentation, complete with a dichotomous chart. At the end, she smiled, bowed, and flipped over her chart– where she had written the words “Please: no encores.”

                Sometimes I think back to when she was 2 years old, already Gabbilicious’ed out, and someone told me not to […]

                  Thought For The Day

                  Some people believe– really and truly believe– that science has a cure for cancer, which they are withholding from the public in order to make more money from ineffective treatments. I’m here to tell you that our family would have given every cent we had and more. We would have gladly paid whatever anyone wanted to charge, […]

                    Mystery Reader Happiness

                    This photo was taken at about 5:30 on a Saturday morning, so, you know: bedhead.

                    I was the Mystery Reader in Addie J’s classroom on Friday. Each day, her teacher gives the children a clue, and they try to guess who might be coming. On the last day, while the Mystery Reader waits outside […]

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