Happy Halloween!

My little one has decided not to wear the flamingo costume I painstakingly conceived, purchased piece-by-piece, and put together for her. Instead, she’s currently wearing an old Zombie Bride costume she found in the basement. And couldn’t be more thrilled. Damn it.

We carved pumpkins last night. Or I should say: Dave worked late, picked up Cam’s restrung […]

    Let’s Hope Today Is an Improvement.

    My wish for today is that I can get through to bedtime without encountering any of the following things:

    The request to check out an unflushed toilet, “to see if it will go down” A totally separate incident involving a stopped-up toilet and by the way: there’s nothing at all wrong with our plumbing […]

      Thank You, Macklemore et al…


      Editor’s note: this post comes complete with an illustration of my feelings.

      Dear Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, and Wanz:

      I would like to thank you for creating a situation in which I find myself saying:

      “What kind of sound does a WHAT make? ……

      “….Um, first […]

        Prince George’s Christening: Not Like We Do It.

        I just saw an adorable photo of Little Prince George in his little christening outfit. Then I read a brief description of the event itself. Some differences between Prince G’s christening and the ones we had for our children:

        My hats have totally different usage occasions. Duchess Kate, the baby’s mother, wore one of her lovely bespoke hats […]

          DIY Halloween; or Obscure Benefits of a Theatre Degree

          Long experience DIY-ing various costumes and crap for school has made both Dave and me into excellent DIY Halloweeners (is that a word? -Because it sounds dirty). This year the girls are doing an Irish Dance competition where the competitors wear Halloween costumes rather than solo dresses. Addie J is going to be a flamingo– […]


            Today is Crazy Day at Addie J’s school. However: Addie has discovered this morning that, when you dress like a deranged clown every day, it becomes challenging to do something dramatically different from the norm on Crazy Day. Here we see a slightly disappointed Addie J, after I nixed her “best ideas” such as wearing snowpants under a […]

              So, This Just Happened.

              I was minding my own business at work, when I got a phone call from Dave. “Got ten minutes?” he asked. “I thought I’d drive by the new car lot and take a look at the colors. I plan to submit my order this afternoon.”

              I looked around me: at that moment, I had nineteen […]

                The End of an Era: Goodbye, Blue Steel.

                A few years ago, Dave’s company car, a Chrysler 300, was replaced with a Ford Fusion. I had loved the Chrysler, but was slightly mollified by the fact that Dave’s car was going to be brand-new from the factory. Therefore, he even got to customize the Fusion to an extent, including his choice of […]

                  Lunchtime, Courtesy of the J

                  Mom was on Kid Patrol last night, while Dave and I were out for our anniversary (by the way: Dave had my grandmother’s wedding ring repaired and resized as my anniversary gift. How kickass is he????). I had left a list of things for the kids to complete: homework, showers, “throw away Ziploc bag […]

                    Well, That’s It for Me for the Day.

                    First, Dave called to tell me about a story he heard on the radio. Evidently, some crazy bitch (from a show about moms of cheerleaders) made two horrifying announcements on her show last night. 1: She brings food into the bathroom with her. Jesus Christ. And 2: once, she burned her neck with a […]

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