Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Among many other things, I am thankful for every one of you who reads this blog. Enjoy your day with your loved ones, and I’ll be back soon!(Just in case: remember– don’t throw water on a grease […]

    My Grateful List

    First of all: that little girl in the middle of this terse exchange is clearly having the time of her LIFE. Secondly, I am obsessed with how Grandma has zipped that outfit all the way up to her Adam’s apple. Thirdly: if, at your own Thanksgiving celebration, you should happen upon a moment […]

      Marney Speaks!!!!!!!!

      Well, it’s a goddamn Festivus miracle, because the Thanksgiving Overlord known as Marney sat down and twitched uncomfortably had a conversation with the writers in charge of the Awkward Family Photos website. Because I love you all so much, I have embedded the interview below- even though I’m supposed to be making salads per […]

        What’s Worse Than Presenting a New Idea to a Client?

        …. Having to let someone else do it while you watch.

        Just saying.

        Also I need to go out and buy a whole bunch of special dance makeup, plus some kind of foam roller deal, to make a big swoop in the front of Gabby’s hair for one of her dance competitions. I’ve been […]

          Grossest Turkey Substitutes

          Over the weekend I came across a recipe for “meatloaf” made with lentils. The creator, a vegan looking for ways to recreate comfort food without the meat products, suggested that her Lentil Loaf would be the perfect Thanksgiving centerpiece.

          It looked like this.

          Now, I’m not bashing vegan food. In fact, I rarely […]

            Just a Quick Note…

            …That I happened to take a close look at the labeling on Dave’s vitamin bottle this morning.

            I’ll just leave this here without further comment:

              Thanksgiving Links

              “Here’s the heart.”

              I’ve been searching the Interwebs for Thanksgiving horror stories for you all this morning. Hilariously, I found the old standby “Marney” letter and then two of my own. So here, for your Thanksgiving edification, are some Thanksgiving stories you are glad you weren’t a part of. Enjoy!

              Here’s the Marney […]

                For Some Reason, I’m Not Getting It.

                Yesterday afternoon, Cameron said to me, “Hey– you know those train tracks we go over?” I replied, “Which ones?” And, rolling his eyes, he said, “YOU know- those TRAIN TRACKS. Not the FIRST ones– the SECOND ones.” I asked where we went when we passed these tracks, and Cam said, “Never mind, Mom. I […]

                  Movember, I Guess?

                  I just spoke the following sentence to Cam and Gabby: “I don’t think either one of you would be able to get a job if you grew this guy’s mustache.”

                  CAM: Hey Mom: what kind of mustache should I grow?

                  JULIE: You should grow a mustache just like mine.

                  CAM: Well, Mom– I’m […]

                    Thursday Bullet Blog

                    I feel like I need this guy in my life. Or, at the very least, I need to run my 5K in his sweater vest.

                    So I had to stop everything yesterday for a migraine. That’s so irritating. While vacuuming the dining room today, I found a small chip of wood, which appears […]

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