#Betsyisspecial Update

I just received these from Amy, who says she is definitely #teambetsy. See, Betz??? YOU ARE SPECIAL!!!!!!!


    Luxury Brand Positioning in Action; or, Money Minus Taste Equals This Monstrosity

    Rule of thumb: if your disturbed ten-year-old nephew ever ruins your Birkin bag by painting his nightmares on it, just tell Kanye West it’s one-of-a-kind Art. As long as you make it super-expensive, he’ll believe you. Then you get a new Birkin, and Kanye’s girlfriend gets to carry this thing around in public HAHAHAHA Merry […]

      Christmas Eve Shakedown Attempt

      GABBY: Mom, I’m hoping that Santa brings me a viola tonight.

      JULIE: ……. What?

      GABBY: A viola. I want a viola.

      JULIE: Honey, kids never get toys their parents don’t want them to have, and you’re not getting a viola.

      GABBY: Well, I can’t think of anything else I want. So, if I don’t […]

        Throwback Friday: Old School Christmas

        This is Dad, my grandma, and me one year on Christmas Eve– I’m going to say like 1980 or so. Things I love about this pic:

        I look like Cameron in a skirt. Also I remember that skirt. When did Dad wear a 3-piece suit on Christmas Eve? Was he a mafia don and I’ve […]

          I Have a Babka Problem.

          Years ago, Dave and I worked in the same office together with our friend Tobin. One Christmas, one of our clients sent us a holiday basket from Zabar’s which included, among other things, a chocolate babka.

          If you, right now, are saying to yourself, “Where have I heard that before?” then let me refresh your […]

            Holiday Spirit and the School Run

            100% accurate.

            This morning at the school run, a man pulled away from the curb without looking, nearly hitting us as we drove by. First he blasted his horn. Then he proceeded to pull up alongside me (blocking oncoming traffic) and scream… well, he screamed something but I couldn’t hear it. He didn’t roll […]

              Top Five for Thursday: Holiday Treats

              Once, during an especially frosty winter 8K, one of the women I was running with mentioned that, in cold temperatures, blood supply is diverted to the core and away from the skin. She pointed out that, in places where we have more fat, blood supply gets diverted that much farther away from the skin– meaning that the fattiest of […]

                Mobile Site Testing….. (UPDATE: Boooooooo.)

                (UPDATE: the mobile plug-in is still not working WTF AREN’T THERE A MILLION PEOPLE HAVING THIS VERY SAME ISSUE WORDPRESS GET ON IT FFS– so I’ve reverted back to the previous fix. We’ll keep working on it. Sorry!!)

                [The below is a conversation I had last night with Dave. You’ll have to imagine […]

                  It’s Working!!! In a Slightly Lamer Way!!!

                  I’m happy to report that you can now access the site from your mobile devices! Because the mobile plugin is still glitching, for the time being we’re working exclusively with the desktop site which, I know, is not as fun. By way of apology, please accept this story: when I was […]

                    Working Flawlessly: Things the Mobile Site Is Not Doing

                    So, the mobile site doesn’t appear to be working properly. The desktop version is fine; but if you try to pull up the mobile site, WordPress thinks you’re trying to make 7,000 comments at once or something, or something, or something else I don’t know this is Dave’s department. (I did install some […]

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