And to End Your Weekend….

…I give you Dave’s Philosophy of Successful Working Relationships, as I overheard him explaining over the phone:


No! No, it’s not, “You lick their balls, and then they’ll lick yours.” That’s not how it works! Because whoever gets their balls licked first, is done! They go, “Hey, thanks for licking my balls. That […]

    Know What I’m Drowning In?


    Every day, the kids bring home more papers, assignments, notes home. I’m writing this from my desk which desperately needs an Inbox and file system- because right now that system consists of a rapidly-growing stack of papers which need my attention. Irish Dance recital paperwork? Yes. Yearbook order forms? Check. A rubric from a […]

      Happy Birthday, Dad.

      Dad would be 70 today. He would probably have retired by now– at least to part-time– but he would undoubtedly have gone to work this morning, and then he would probably have had lunch with his friend Bobby. (Bobby used to bring him lunch every week when Dad was sick.) We would all most likely see him […]

        How Scientology + Leftover Burritos = Nightmares

        Should come with a warning: “DO NOT CONSUME PAST 8PM IF YOU DISTRUST SCIENTOLOGY.”

        I’ve spent the day binge-reading Room, and I thought you might appreciate the super-bizarre dream I had, after reading it before bed last night. Room is a story told from the point of view of a 5-year-old boy, […]

          Holy Crap, Madonna.

          Since I was way too busy being glamorous last night to watch the Grammys (by the way: WHY ARE THEY PUTTING IN AN APOSTROPHE? IT BURNS MY EYES), I am catching up on what’s the what this morning. And what’s the what is Madonna taking fontrum to new levels. First, there was […]

            Smile Brilliant Giveaway Ends Today!

            Midnight is the deadline for the Smile Brilliant giveaway. If you’d still like to enter, click here to get to the original post. I’ll announce the winner here and on Facebook by Monday.

            Former President of France Nicolas Sarkozy says, “Do […]


              Last night, Addie J said to me, “Mom, there’s a world in this universe, where I’m the leader of the world.” Very funny. I posted it on my Facebook wall, we all laughed, and that was that.

              This morning, very early, I stepped into her room as usual, to straighten out her blankets and close […]


                This morning I discovered I’ve been paid for a project, even though I wasn’t expecting the first installment for another two weeks. And then I discovered that Justin Bieber finally got arrested. What a fabulous start to the day.

                  A Bunch of You Are Going To Love This.

                  I am loving reading about your favorite topics for the Smile Brilliant giveaway. Thanks for participating and remember- you have until Friday to enter!

                  You all know by now how I feel about the school dropoff line. In fact, many of you feel the same way about your own. And as you know, any […]

                    Smile Brilliant Giveaway!

                    Last month I received a trial Smile Brilliant teeth whitening system, so that I could be the guinea pig before running a giveaway. (If anyone’s teeth were going to fall out, I’d prefer it to happen to me first.) I’m very happy with the results! I tend to experience sensitivity when I use […]

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