Weekend Ramblings

We went out for Jilly’s actual birthday on Friday night. Jill’s in-laws were there, and I finally FINALLY got the coveted invitation to their Sunday brunch. Butter is essentially one of the side dishes. I’m so excited. Cammy’s birthday sleepover happened over the weekend. Other than a rather spectacular incident early on, it […]

    Everyone Has Different Worries.

    My kids like to use bedtime as the time to bring up things which are bothering them. All three do it, so it must be common in other families, too. Last night, I tucked all three kids into bed as usual. First I told Cammy good night. “Mom? –Can we talk about my phone?” he […]

      Hot Mess.

      Come on.

      So this is the “aviation expert” the Today Show pulled out of a hotel bar to explain the current state of the search for the Malaysian flight MH370 (re: the flight? I’m obsessed. This is just unbelievable). And even I– who avidly soaks up all information about the fate of this plane [side […]

        Um… What?

        This is a photo I took of Gabby at Mardi Gras. She had run down this side street to give her beads away to the elderly woman being pushed in this wheelchair. It’s hard to see- but that’s what is going on here. (Sometimes, I like to remind myself that there is a […]

          Nashville, Baby!

          We got home last night from a fantastic three-day weekend in Nashville, to celebrate Jilly’s Big Milestone Birthday (I’m not authorized to tell you which one). It was such a great trip! A lot of what happens in Nashville, must stay in Nashville- but here are some things I can tell y0u: originally there […]

            Don’t Start Nothin’- Won’t Be Nothin’.

            Mother Nature decided to give us one more “What’s my name, bitches?!?!” in the form of a late winter snowstorm this week. There really wasn’t even that much freaking out over it– I think because we all knew it was going to melt almost immediately. But it was very, very wet and heavy snow, […]

              Maia’s Bald Head

              Dave knew a girl named Maia when he was in high school, and we reconnected with her a few years ago at Dave’s high school reunion. Except, when I say “We,” I kind of mean that I reappropriated Maia for myself: she is just a fun, funny, sincere person who makes life more interesting. […]


                This is what Cameron Doyle looked like when he was born, on March 12, 2001. My whole family came to the city and waited (im)patiently in the hospital waiting room, to find out whether we had a boy or a girl. I love this photo with my dad, Jill, and Betsy– because it’s […]

                  My Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

                  On Saturday evening, my college girlfriends and I had our sleepover. At about 9pm, we were hanging out in the kitchen, drinking wine and generally cracking each other up, and Ann said, “Well, Jule: we have a birthday present for you.” My immediate response was, “Well, that kind of pisses me off.” Which it […]

                    Happy Mardi Gras!!!

                    This was our first evening there. I believe we were at Druids and Nyx.

                    I apologize for the long radio silence. I had intended to write a bunch of new posts and deploy one each day while I was in New Orleans.. I also planned on packing pants for myself, yet when I […]