Full Pack

My sister Jill and her family are moving. I’ve told you that before, I think. The moving date is approaching and things are starting to get real: their movers have arrived, they’re signing closing documents left and right, and the whole family has moved into their temporary home. Although this move itself will be […]

    Friday Fabulous Tearjerker

    I saw this on The Interwebs today (because I’d much rather waste the time I spend waiting for the dishwasher delivery, than use it wisely). This is a man who lost his wife 20 years ago, and raised their only daughter by himself. I’m posting this because it’s awesome, and because I’m a sucker for a […]

      Dad’s Voice

      He was so so funny. You just have no idea.

      I hear Dad’s voice in my head all the time. He was such a font of little sayings and phrases, and when I’m stumped as to what to do, one of his phrases will pop into my mind: “Do it and you’re done,” […]

        Tuesday Bullet Blog: The Ways I Have Recently Lost My Mind.

        Did a crazy squats-and-lunges workout, which led to me being unable to walk, which led to me knocking over a glass and then nearly falling down the stairs at a coworker’s dinner. Because I couldn’t move. Did the same damn workout again this morning. Because I can never admit when I’m beaten. Bought […]

          Hair Chalk ARE YOU KIDDING ME??

          The girls got hair chalk kits from the Easter Bunny. Holy Hell. We all thought it was going to be a super-fun, super-effective experience. Why didn’t anyone tell me how wrong I was? Don’t I have any friends at all? We totally thought we were going to get this:

          As if.


          The aftermath […]

            Gabby’s Take On Easter Surprises

            GABBY: Mom, I can’t stop wondering what my last Easter surprise will be.

            JULIE: It is very exciting. But you should go to sleep now.

            GABBY: I can’t!!!! I’m too excited!! ….What did you get?

            JULIE: Nothing.

            GABBY: Aw, Mom– you’ve got all the pictures you took of us with OUR presents.

            Mom, […]

              Different Battles

              Addie J came downstairs in a pastel striped sundress with metallic neon striped tights. Over it all she wore a camo print hoodie. “Can you put this orange flower in my hair?” she asked.

              I thought about a conversation I had yesterday, wherein some other mothers I know have a rule about no words printed on the […]


                I would like to notify Australia that I, too, can walk down an airplane stairway in heels while carrying an adorable baby. So if you need anyone else to do a whirlwind tour of your country: I’m available. I even know several adorable babies I could borrow. I am typing this with a […]

                  Don’t Take It Personally.

                  I’ll just leave here the talk I had with an unnamed complainer this morning, regarding the unseasonably cold weather we had last night. That way, if anyone I encounter this morning wants to have this discussion with me, I’ll just direct them here.

                  Yeah, it got really cold last night. What did you expect? We’re coming […]

                    Weekend Milestones

                    What??? One of these young men is my little guy, who used to wear my peach scarf around his head and pretend he was Michelangelo from the Ninja Turtles??

                    Cam had two lacrosse games yesterday. I realized about two minutes into the first game, that he’s no longer the smallest kid on the […]

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