Things I Won’t Care About in Five Years

I’m just going to leave this list here, maybe come back to it later today. Just to remind myself.

I won’t care about my child’s missing Language Arts paper. I won’t care that the dog won’t stop licking that hot spot on his front paw. I will not care about that missing paper. Just […]

    Long Weekend Bullet Blog

    Here are some of the things that were a part of my Memorial Day weekend

    Placed flags at the graves of veterans where my dad’s ashes are buried. Jill and her husband and I went, and we made sure to get Dad’s grave first. Miss you every single day, Dad. Reminded Dave that Gabby […]

      Buddies for Always

      I had this whole post written about the relationship my kids have with Jill’s girls, and how their impending move is affecting all six of them. But I deleted it all, because, honestly: this photo says it better than I can. Love all six of these kids.


        Toddlers, Psychos, and Gisele Bundchen

        So, you know how everyone is wearing colorful pants these days? I get it. I understand the temptation. AND: you pretty much have to be a supermodel to wear them and not look totally stupid. When Gisele Bundchen wears colorful pants, she looks like this:

        Picture every item in your closet: she looks better […]

          Throwback Tuesday. Yes, I’m Doing It On Tuesday. (UPDATE VIA JACKED-UP TEXT)

          Badass Mickey Mouse tshirt, too.

          I’ve never participated in Throwback Thursday on Facebook, primarily because I can’t plan my social media that far ahead. But I found this last night– because Jill posted a photo from this Sunday in which I have one massive Man Hand, and I was wondering how many other shots exist […]

            Yard Work Update

            See, cuz, like: Dave’s the sheriff.

            DAVE [heading out to lacrosse practice]: Hey, by the way: nice post today.

            JULIE [absently] : Thanks.

            DAVE [meaningful look in JULIE’S direction]:

            JULIE: Oh. Right.

            DAVE [turns to go, chuckling. In high-pitched JULIE voice]: “Ohhhhhhh, I’m going to be ENSLAVED…”

            JULIE [calls after him]: Well, it’s […]

              Mother’s Day

              Five kids who love their mama.

              My mom set the bar, like, stupid high in terms of how to parent effectively [side note: that seems like I’m backhandedly complimenting myself and my siblings]. I’ve already told you plenty of awesome stories about her– like how she has the highest pain tolerance of anyone […]

                The Secret Vegan

                BUT I’M NOT!!!

                GABBY: Mom, are you a vegan?

                JULIE: …..No?

                CAM: See, I told you. She’s just a vegetarian.

                JULIE: I’m not a vegetarian either.

                GABBY: But you, like, never eat meat. And you never want sausage on your pizza.

                CAM [scornfully]: And you always order, like, veggie subs.

                JULIE: Well, […]

                  Wednesday Bullet Blog

                  Don’t know if I mentioned this, but: we established on Sunday that my girls will listen to “Let It Go” by Idina Menzel (aka Adele Dazeem and that will never stop being funny to me), on repeat, for at least two hours straight. We did not have an opportunity to discover if this […]

                    I Win.

                    I just think she’s unbearably cute in her competition dress.

                    On my way to a weekend of Irish Dance competition on Friday, I was on the phone with my brother Mike, and he asked where we were headed. I said, “The girls and I are going to a weekend of competitions. Dave and Cam are […]

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