Know What I Like About Having Older Kids?

She’s thinking to herself, “My parents’ chore chart can go to hell.”

–I mean, I like a LOT of things about this stage if family life: I can have actual conversations with them, their personalities come into clearer focus every day, I get to sleep through the night most of the time. I […]


    I realized this today: my friend Jennie is a Kid Magnet. When she comes over, my kids cannot, cannot leave us alone to chat– they keep coming back around, wanting to tell Jennie things, asking for outlandish privileges while batting their eyes at her, sitting at the table with us. This is very sweet– but […]

      Friday Bullet Blog

      Yesterday, Addie J wiped out while riding her scooter, and scraped up her knees and her face. She was pretty calm and stoic about it. Last night, I sliced my thumb open while opening a bottle of wine. I acted like a total baby. [UPDATE: I just sliced my palm open while trimming stems […]

        I’m Just Going to Admit It:

        I do better when I have a lot going on.

        There. I admit it. I need task lists and schedules and drop-dead-dates, or else I am completely unproductive. I’m not even trying to complain or play that Busyness One-Upping Game (where you act like you’re complaining about your busy schedule, but in fact are bragging […]

          “Birth-Father’s Day,” as Cam Called It.

          ….And no, Cam doesn’t have a foster father or a stepfather or an adoptive father. Yesterday was Dave’s birthday as well as Father’s Day, so Cam combined the two all day. I had asked Dave what he wanted to do yesterday– we were out of town overnight on Friday and would be returning home […]

            Caitlin Paige’s Birthday; or, What No One Tells You

            Caitlin, leading a little parade of sassafras with dark glasses and duckface.

            Twenty years ago today, I was living in New Orleans when my sister Betsy had her daughter, Caitlin. I was so excited about the birth of my very first niece– and this was before the Facebooks and the Interwebs, so I […]

              New Journeys

              Seen and heard at my mother’s house, while we were saying goodbye to my sister and her family:

              ADDIE J: I want Jill-Jill to stay.


              LILA: I don’t like moving.

              GABBY: I’ll see you in a few weeks…..


              JILL: You’re lucky I gave you that one sweater back, […]


                JULIE: Jill, where’s Gabby in this pic?JILL: Gabby’s The Situation!!!

                Yesterday, my mother had a cookout for Jill and her family– who leave for their new home very soon. It was crowded and fun, and afterward,all three of my kids as well as my nephew Brett stayed with Jill’s girls at […]

                  Color Run: Mission Accomplished.

                  Gabby and I registered for our first Color Run months ago. (We even tried to get others to join in, but the timing was only good for the two of us.) On Friday night, we were out late. On Saturday night, we were up late. And then, at 5:45 on Sunday morning, I dragged my carcass out […]

                    You Knew This Was Going To Happen.

                    I was in the kitchen, minding my own business, when I heard a knock at the door. Assuming it was one of the neighborhood kids, I said, “Get that, Gabs?” — and promptly heard a man saying, “Hi! Can you get your dad? I’ve got a delivery here for him?”

                    Save […]

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