Vegas, Baby.

MY BROTHER-IN-LAW: When’s Dave get back from Vegas?

JULIE: Today.

BIL: He’s gonna be tiiiiired. –Unless he’s been skipping the nightlife and going back to the hotel at the end of the day?

JULIE: At 3:31 this morning, he texted me a photo of a couple of ladies wearing feathers and glitter, chatting next to a dumpster.


    It Matters.

    Confession: I judge the spelling, punctuation, and grammar that I read in my texts, email, and online.

    I’m sorry. (Kind of.) Here’s the thing: just as Facebook is not called “Vent-About-Your-Problems-Here-Book,” “Bash-Your-Ex-in-Public-Book,” or “List-Your-Daily-Activities-Each-Morning-Book”–  it is also not called “Feel-Free-To-Post-Stream-of-Consciousness-That-We-Can’t-Decipher-Book.” Sometimes I have to read a status aloud, just because there’s no punctuation and no capital letters […]

      Things I Will Miss.

      Here are some things I’m going to miss when my sister Jill leaves:

      Sunny morning runs Occasionally bagging our sunny morning run in favor of Starbucks My nieces, always saying, “Juju, come watch our dance/ our video/ our new handshake/ whatever!” Wearing something new (or something really, really old) and knowing for a fact […]

        Babies Are Everywhere.

        Jill is not pregnant. But we thought this was so funny, for some reason.

        The girls and I went to a baby shower yesterday; my amazing friend from college, Dave, and his lovely wife Michelle are due very soon with their first child. On hand to give super-practical shower gifts like diapers and […]

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