Evidently, This is a Game.


I’m pretty sure this is an actual photograph of Plasticface here.

GABBY: I have a lot of energy these days and I’m working a lot, but my rent is due and I don’t have enough.

ALAINA: How much is your rent?

GABBY: $750.

ALAINA: And how much do you have?

GABBY: $535.


    The Garden; or, My Newest Obsession


    Damn it.

    Have I mentioned the garden? I think I have; this spring, Farmer Dave put in some raised beds so that we could try our hand at growing more than our traditional cherry tomatoes in a giant pot on the patio. Then– because my Davy does nothing halfway– he started about […]

      It’s All in the Pronunciation.

      ADDIE [“helping” to fold laundry]: Mom, I don’t understand Cam’s shirt about the whores.

      JULIE: ….What?

      ADDIE: You know that shirt he has about what you put in the whores?

      JULIE: Maybe you should show me.

      Here is the inspirational quote on the back of one of Cammy’s tshirts. As you can see, when […]

        Technology. Huh.

        GABBY: How much did I weigh at the pediatrician’s office?

        JULIE: I don’t remember. Here-  check my phone. It’s in the Notes.

        GABBY: ….I can’t find it.

        JULIE: It’s the last note I took, Gabby. See it? Where your name is?

        GABBY: Yeah, I see that. But then after the date and my name, you […]

          Under the Dome: the TV Show

          Also, I confused this guy with Locke from “Lost” for about a week. I didn’t even watch “Lost.” I’m a hot mess.

          Disclaimer: this post has nothing to do with omelettes or parenting skills.

          I am a Stephen King fan, and that’s kind of funny because I’m otherwise not a horror fan or a […]

            Not Interested.

            Here are some things that some people say to other people, which should be retired forever. If you have ever said any of these things to another human being, stop it right now:

            Ooooh, you have a terrible sunburn. [This will not be new information, Captain Obvious.] Don’t you know how this is happening? […]

              Under the Dome

              Things my husband did yesterday:

              Make everyone breakfast Put in a full day’s work, complete with the booming-Dave-voice work conversations we could all hear throughout the house Pick up pizza for dinner Continue work on the new floor he’s installing in our entryway with my help (side note: my brother-in-law texted me, “You know […]

                Positive Things: Day 3

                Sorry I skipped yesterday. I can assure you I was working very hard on a project that I stupidly promised in a ridiculously short period of time, because I secretly think I can do anything in a vacuum I guess.  Here are my positive things for today:

                The first, and biggest, portion of my […]

                  Three Positives: Day Two of Seven

                  I’m terrible at this. It’s only Day Two and I almost forgot.

                  My water filter (cuz, see: we’re in the middle of these kitchen updates and the water filter is currently not hooked up in my fridge, and our tap water tastes like I squeezed it out of a sweaty tshirt). Finding myself halfway […]

                    Things I Can’t Believe I’m Saying

                    Here is a collection of phrases that came out of my mouth yesterday evening as well as today. So far. Sometimes I hear myself saying something and I think, “I can’t believe this is happening;” usually, though, there isn’t quite so much ridiculous at once. And anyway, I don’t think I’m alone here:

                    Please don’t […]

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