It’s Wednesday and I Can’t See.

I’ve been having strange issues with my newest box of contact lenses for my left eye. Each lens is meant to last for a month (“….on paper…” as my friend Shea says– who, like me, simply wears them until they bother me). The first lens I took out of the box lasted about 2.5 […]

    I Have New Favorite Pants.

    All day, man. I felt like these guys all day.

    I bought these pants about a month ago on clearance. They’re black, made of a cotton jersey that drapes beautifully, and they were on clearance so I think I might have spent $30 on them. I got them hemmed for another ten bucks. […]

      How We Do

      I use Penultimate on my iPad, along with a really sweet pen stylus, to take notes for my classes. The program was updated not long ago to include the ability to take notes in color. Also our Learning Management System was updated, and all my courses were assigned their own color. Which means that […]

        Gabby: 3,294,253. Me: 0.

        Last night I was tucking in Gabby when she said to me, “You know, Mom: I think you’re a natural mother.” Pretty great, right? I was tempted to just let it go at that and just be happy. But I said, “Thanks, why?” Gabby said, “Well, you just seem to be good at helping […]

          I Don’t Believe! I Don’t Belieeeeeeeeve!!!!!!!

          So I found this insane thing on the porch:



          I considered for a moment, then went straight to Gabby. “Hey,” I said. “What’s this weird thing I found on the porch?” Gabby didn’t even look up from the wig she was making for her stuffed dog out of duct tape and […]

            ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: What’s the Problem?

            Last night I posted this on my personal wall, after reading several comments from people who don’t like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, for reasons that entirely miss the point:

             I have no idea why anyone has an issue with this use of social media as a tool to A. Spread awareness and B. Increase […]

              Conspiracy Theories are Awesome.

              I love conspiracy theories. (Well: the ones about how “Big Pharma” has the cure to cancer– and right there, you’ve lost anyone with a rudimentary grasp of medical science and what cancer is and does, but stay with me– they could cure every single form of cancer forever, but they won’t. Because somehow, in […]

                O Captain! My Captain!

                He seemed larger than life, so much so that it was a shock to be reminded so finally and completely that he was human. I hope he has found his peace.

                  Gabby is Eleven

                  Gabby’s philosophy of life, captured in a photograph.

                  Eleven years ago today, on the luckiest day of the Chinese calendar, I was sitting in my doctor’s office, reading a book while sitting through the same non-stress test I had undergone each week since I started dilating at 34 weeks. I was due in […]

                    So, Just a Regular Thursday is What I’m Saying.

                    Sentence I just spoke, much to my own dismay:

                    Honey, I think just as a general rule, it’s not healthy for any living being to have hair in their digestive system.

                    Also, I am just finishing the laundry and I have the growing realization that a certain child in this house is woefully under-represented […]

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