Happy Halloween!

I’ve got Jake Blues in my house today.

I’ve got a goldfinch (for school) and an unzipped-face zombie (for trick-or-treating).

I’ve got Merida, currently eating a bowl of oatmeal at my kitchen table.

And if you want a FREAKY AS HELL way to start off your Halloween, I give you this short film which, […]

    Playing the Game

    JULIE: Addie J, please hurry up and get dressed. You only have twenty minutes.

    ADDIE J: Okay, Mom.

    JULIE: I made your lunch for you this morning. You’re lucky- you wouldn’t have had time to make it and finish getting ready.

    ADDIE J: Thank you, Mom!

    JULIE: You’re welcome.

    ADDIE J: I bet another […]

      I Have Two Totally Different Girls.

      Fortunately, they do like each other.

      Gabby (or “GABZ” as she likes to tag herself), for all of her graceful and beautiful Irish dancing, could not be less interested in such typically feminine pursuits as style and fashion. The soundtrack of every morning includes Gabby’s refrain, “I’m hot. Can I change?” … A refrain […]


        Twenty-seven is a special number in my family. It’s the number from my dad’s race car, and to those of us who loved my dad, and live with his loss, 27 symbolizes that he is here with us, still. It is the number of honoring and celebrating his memory. My nephews, both football players, […]

          Spider Update: All is Well.

          JULIE: Oh, hey! I wrote you a haiku. It’s about your bringing me a surprise Burrito Bowl, and also about your new work car. Want to hear it?

          DAVE: ……..No.

          JULIE: Okay, here it is:

          Chipotle? Thank you, Dave!

          And also, FYI:

          I’ll pick out the car.

          DAVE [pauses, then shakes his head […]

            Good News and Bad News

            Lots of you are wondering what happened with Spider Car 2014. The short, terrifying story is that the spider has not yet been found. However, karma has decided to reward me for that time I let the kids eat my Chipotle, because Dave got a notification that it’s almost New Work Car Time […]

              Little Miss Muffet

              That’s what Gabby was calling me this morning. You see, I had a near-death experience last night while driving to work. A spider– A SPIDER– suddenly crawled across the inside of the windshield right in front of me. I was on the freeway at the time, and I briefly considered heading straight off the road […]

                Look at This Kid.

                This is the five-year-old who sat on the sidelines and poured dirt onto his head during tee-ball games.

                This is the seven-year-old who who came over for water during halftime at basketball, and asked me when the game would be over.

                This is the nine-year-old who ran out of steam halfway through his […]

                  The Reincarnation of Guido Continues…..

                  Dad on the left at age 12, Cam on the right at age thirteen.

                    Gabby Came Home From School With a Rabbit’s Foot.

                    That’s right: she brought home a rabbit’s foot. Isn’t that nice?

                    …Except that, in this case, we aren’t talking about the fake-fur, purple-dyed keychain from a tourist shop. Gabby literally found the decaying leg of a rabbit, complete with bits of fur as well as exposed bone, at the playground. Somehow she contrived to […]

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