I’ll Do It For a Burrito Bowl from Chipotle.

I am so excited, you guys. Some random Swedish crazy geniuses have launched a website which will choose a name for your baby! Erfolgswelle (I guess that’s an example of their finest work?), which is in the business of developing company and product names, has branched out into the world of baby names. For the low, […]

    Dad’s Birthday Pennies

    Dad’s 71st birthday is today. I’ve been sort of low-level sad about it all week, but I haven’t mentioned anything to anyone. Last night, I pulled up my Dad folder and started looking through all the photos and scanned mementos, just wishing none of this had happened and I would be able to call […]

      Addie J, aka Black Widow

      This pic is from when Addie J made a video of herself, lip syncing to Macklemore’s Thrift Shop. It’s one of the most amazing videos of the 21st century.

      The following is a transcript of the conversation I had with the J on our way to school this morning. To complete the picture, […]

        Gratitude Tuesday

        Sort of like Taco Tuesday, only with fewer tacos.

        Gabby is still reading the seemingly-endless Warrior Cats books, and she frequently stops reading to tell me something about the plotline. I can never follow which cats are which– they all seem to have the same damn name, Shadowpelt or Fireclaw or whatever– and I […]

          Here’s My Issue With Standardized Testing:

          The snacks.

          I mean it. I remember when I was a kid and we had our standardized testing, we did it in the gym. You could bring two pencils and a book to keep you busy between sections. These days, testing is done in the classroom. Fine. The kids still get to bring a […]

            Addie Has a Dark Side.

            She looks so sweet and innocent, doesn’t she?

            ADDIE J: Mom, I hope it gets really, really hot in the summer.

            JULIE: Me too.

            ADDIE J: Like, what if it was maybe 500 degrees?

            JULIE: I feel like that might be too hot.

            ADDIE J: I think it would be okay.

            JULIE: We would […]

              Thursday Bullet Blog

              In case you’re wondering: I’m still obsessed with my Fitbit. You probably shouldn’t become my Fitbit friend, because I will totally beat you on a daily basis and I will be super obnoxious about it. Just a general note: a couple of times recently I have heard a woman say, “Other women don’t really […]


                My kids have allergies. You know this already. Cameron has actually been in treatment for his allergies for…… wait a second while I access my health claims history……. 6 years now. His treatments included getting his tonsils and adenoids (adenoid? His allergist refers to it in the singular?) removed, as well as a turbinate reduction– […]

                  Florida, My Favorite Crazy State.

                  This photo of Gwyneth Paltrow wearing a really bad jumpsuit, that shows her Spanx lines, causes the viewer to do a double-take, mutter “Oh my God,” and laugh in disbelief– just like news stories from Florida.

                  Ah, Florida. You give and give. I was just reading this story about a really, really subtle […]

                    New Year’s Diet Resolutions? I’m Here to Help!

                    Often, people will ask me if I’m a vegetarian. And actually: no, I am not. But I think I could easily stop eating meat– as long I could still have eggs and dairy. Dairy because 1. cream in my coffee; 2. chai lattes (and I do not want to hear about the soy milk option); […]

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