Friday Ramblings

First of all: the dress is blue and black. It just is.

Secondly: Cameron got on a plane early this morning with his eighth grade class. He and I have been far away from each other before– but never because of him traveling away from me. Wonder why that feels so different. (And of course he […]

    Heeeere We Go.

    So, the J has had several nosebleeds over the past week or so. Earlier today, I caved and searched Dr. Internet. Based upon the information I found, I’ve narrowed it down to one of two causes: advanced liver disease or cocaine addiction.

    Obviously it’s not liver disease, let’s not be ridiculous. So…… which one of you […]

      Tuesday Bullet Blog

      We have reached the point in late winter where everyone in the US who lives in a temperate climate is sick of winter, and everyone who lives in a subtropical climate is posting Facebook photos of themselves in shorts with captions like, “DON’T HATE ME HAHAHAHA!!!” I am always perplexed when people brag […]

        Here’s the Thing:

        I can put up with a lot of weather bullshit, as long as it’s sunny outside.

        Carry on.




          Dad and the Turkey

          I thought you would appreciate hearing this fun story from Louisiana.

          One gorgeous Carnival morning last week, Mom and I went for a run through Audobon Park. Halfway through, we stopped near the pond where we may (or may not, this might be a legal gray area) have scattered some of Dad’s ashes. The […]

            Mardi Gras Madness!

            I had big plans, you guys. I was totally going to be an adult and prewrite some posts for the whole time we were gone, and then I was going to get right on it and tell you all about our fabulous trip as soon as I returned. I didn’t. All my good intentions, […]

              Cameron the Warrior

              We have friends who live far in terms of distance, but near to our hearts. Uncle Shea and Aunt Maya are much beloved by the kids. Fun Shea story: he was playing swords with a very young Cammy, and at some point yelled, “Touche!” From then on, whenever the situation called for it, Cam […]

                Chinese New Year: Thank the Chinese Gods That’s Over.

                So I’m a Rat, okay? And do not make fun of me for that because Rats are super-great in Chinese astrology. Last year, it was predicted, would be TERRIBLE for Rats. I scoffed. And then…. it kinda was. In terms of surprising disappointments, I mean. Probably the biggest surprising disappointment was the news that […]

                  Wednesday Bullet Blog


                  I didn’t passionately hate the Super Bowl halftime show like so many others did (too safe, you say? Blame Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson). But it needed about 65% more Lenny Kravitz, and like 100% more Missy Elliott. Due to a four-car pileup on the Interstate, my commute home took TWO HOURS last […]

                    I Don’t Want to Know.

                    In my class about marketing the arts, we talk a lot about brand image in entertainment. We always get around to discussing individual artists as entertainment products, and my students always, always know personal details about their lives. And this information always, always colors their perception of the artist’s brand.

                    It’s the way of […]