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I wrote a whole long post about an essay Cam wrote, dedicated to what he has learned from my dad (as well as what he is still learning: Cam wrote, “Even after my grandpa died, he is still changing my life.” I’ll wait here, while you get whatever that is out of your […]

    School Registration and Burpee 5Ks

    As I write this, I am having a bitch session with a friend via text over the vagaries of school registration. First of all: why is it so hard to register a kid? They’re not applying to the FBI, they just want to be in the seventh grade. Secondly: let’s stop pretending that any […]

      They Can’t All Be Good Days.

      I mean, I haven’t done this recently…

      Yesterday was not a great day in our house. It was kind of crappy, in fact. I’m not going to enumerate all the reasons, because contrary to the opinion of some: all kinds of things go on in my house which I do not tell here. I […]

        It’s Monday Morning….

        …and I have the hiccups. I’m hiccuping like I’m coming off a three-day bender. This is just super sophisticated. I hope I run into everyone I know.


          “I think I want to let my hair grow.” –Cammy said this to me at the start of the school year.


          Here’s the deal: I like short hair on boys. It doesn’t have to be a buzz– but I do love that clean-cut American Boy haircut. When Cam was young and I […]

            In case you’re wondering….

            ….For anyone who saw Addie J this morning as she, crushed and downtrodden, trudged slowly toward the school– her shoulders slumped and her head down, no joy to be had in the world– and wondered what was so wrong, that this poor child seemed to be carrying the weight of the world:

            Her problem […]

              “Number of times I have had Botulism: Zero.”

              –That is an actual sentence, spoken by me, in defense of my germophobic behavior. I don’t even feel in any way apologetic.

                Teamwork, Baby.

                I feel strongly that team sports are wonderful character-builders for kids. They learn so much about team-building, about reaching goals as a group, about working together– and as I tell my college students when they’re all, “GROUP PROJECT!! We hate group projects!!”– you will be working in teams, on group projects, for the rest […]

                  Monday Update: Lots of Birthdays Around Here.

                  My niece Olivia is thirteen years old today. I remember Jill calling me, a couple of weeks after returning from her honeymoon. “You’re NEVER going to believe this!!” she said… and then commenced a long and happy nine months of meticulous, Jill-style baby preparation. I still remember the outfits Jill had ready for the […]

                    I’m Looking in the Wrong Direction, I Guess.

                    Among Shakespeare’s dramas, perhaps my two favorites are King Lear and Macbeth. One of the reasons I love them so much is their strong female villains, who are quite clearly presented (unlike Hamlet’s mother, Gertrude, who might be evil– but then again, she might just be fickle and needy). Lear’s awful daughters, Regan and […]

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