Tuesday Bullets

Attorney General Paxton, this is for you.

This morning I was sort of (and sort of not) amazed to read that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has decided that, since he doesn’t like the Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality, he can tell people they don’t have to abide by it. I’m […]

    Marriage Equality is Here!

    Today, the Supreme Court handed down a ruling which legalizes same-sex marriage in all 50 states. This issue is close to my heart. I want my children and their children to live in a country and a culture which accepts and celebrates love and commitment in all of its wonderful, diverse forms. I want my friends’ […]

      Throwback Thursday: Cam’s Photo Record Card

      Because we were out of town and also I can’t be trusted to remember anything, I didn’t pick up Cam’s eighth grade diploma (I know, I know. Anyway we’ve got it now, so stop with your face). The district mailed it to me along with his report card, a FERPA notification, and something which […]

        Road Trips, Then and Now

        We were about this old when we held Mike out the window. It could have been this exact trip.

        When I was a kid, we almost exclusively road tripped when we went on vacations. Mom and Dad would put down the seats in the station wagon, throw some sheets down to protect the car […]

          Vacations, Birthdays, and Hawaii 5-0

          The kids just spontaneously did this when we left, and my heart melted into a puddle. 

          We spent last week in Virginia with Jill and her family. As usual when we’re all together, we had a great time and did lots of fun stuff– but everyone was surprised when it was time to […]

            Fashion, Baby.

            Addie has become a bit of a fashionista, and she approaches it kind of lottery-ball style. She goes into her closet or her drawers, pulls out super-random pieces, and puts them together. Gabby used to do the same thing. I have a firm rule that, unless it’s inappropriate in some way or will otherwise […]

              I blame the shoes.

              Don’t be fooled: it looks all neat and pretty, but the feet inside these shoes are nightmares.

              Last night I was innocently doing a little repair job on Gabby’s Irish dance buckles. Sitting at the kitchen table, feet up on another chair, hurting no one.

              Let’s back up: we all know that I’m […]

                Cam’s Dad, the Coach.

                I know I’ve told you that Dave was drafted to be one of the coaches on Cam’s lacrosse team. I don’t know if I’ve told you how amazing he was? Dave was originally slated to be the assistant coach. Shakeups in the league meant that our head coach spent most of his time handling […]

                  Amusement Park Craziness

                  We took the kids to an amusement park yesterday. I looked at the weather and said, “Slight chance of scattered rain, no big.” Then we spent about thirty minutes chilling under a canopy, while a furious thunderstorm swept through:

                  Don’t be fooled by these smiles. There was actual hail coming down fifteen feet […]

                    Gabby is “bossome.”

                    Gabby and I had such fun at a rainy Color Run this morning. At her request, we tricked ourselves out with tutus and socks and tattoos this year; the rain that hit us midrun actually made her day rather than ruining it. She jumped in puddles, slapped five with everyone she passed, and generally […]

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