Not here for the drama.

I know this expression. This is “It’s 10:30pm and we’re still at the party and I think I’m having fun but Mom took away my second piece of cake so I’m melting down!!!!!!!!”(I’ve seen it before, obviously.)

Seriously. For some reason it’s been Full Drama Season on social media lately. Generally speaking, I think […]

    From the Mind of Addie J

    “Dad is like the Hulk. He’s very strong and he can get really mad, but most of the time he’s not mad. And he never gets mad at little kids. I mean, he never gets Hulk-mad.” -the J

      Oreo Balls

      I am not here for you if these don’t rock your world.

      So my friend Denise stopped by and took a whole bunch of pears, thank God because I seriously was having stress over the pears spoiling. (N.B.: don’t think this means I have nothing significant to stress over. Also I am fully […]

        So Glad It Wasn’t My Kid, Part 1,086,305

        Man, my heart goes out to this kid who stumbled and put his fist through a painting in Taiwan. And the whole time I watched it I was imagining all the times we’ve been at museums and had close calls with the kids. Thanks to some divine force, we have so far managed not […]

          Wednesday Bullet Blog

          I’m preparing a new course this semester. I think it’s either going to be really fun and awesome….or not. From what I see thus far, I don’t think there’s a middle ground. We are no longer up to our ears in zucchini. Now it’s tomatoes. OMG and pears. I didn’t count how many […]

            Lost Lizard Fallout

            GABBY: Mom, can I have a corn snake? I will name it Fuego.

            JULIE: Gabby, you guys misplaced a lizard. I’m not interested in your misplacing a snake.

            GABBY: But that was Cameron, not me!

            JULIE: Have you proven yourself a responsible pet owner with your fish?

            GABBY [dismissively]: Those fish are dead.

            JULIE: […]

              School Days

              With school either in full swing or on the horizon for families everywhere, here is my list of things I just decided not to deal with this year. You might do the same.

              The exact brands and quantities of each school supply list item. Addie J actually opened the door for this, when I […]

                I guess it was bound to happen.

                CAM: Mom, two things. One urgent, and one not-so-urgent.

                JULIE: Okay….

                CAM: Well, the not-so-urgent thing is that Zulu* needs crickets.

                JULIE: Okay….

                CAM: And the slightly more urgent thing is that Zulu is not in his tank.


                CAM: Like, he seems to have escaped.


                CAM: And I don’t know when that […]

                  I’m wondering…

                  I just want to know if anyone else thinks it’s really weird that Tom Brady apparently tools around with his Super Bowl rings all the time. Really? He takes his most prized and valuable professional trophies to four-day Vegas trips? I want to know the logistics of this. First of all, physically where is […]

                    Confidence is in the work.

                    I’ve been reading a lot about Mindy Kaling’s new book and what she has to say about hard work and confidence. Please note that I love her, so I’m obviously biased in favor of whatever she has to say already. But in particular I like this passage:

                    People talk about confidence without ever bringing […]

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