This morning…..

Cam was engaged in an intense hunt for his earbuds, which were eventually discovered in Gabby’s room. He was beside himself: “What will I do on the bus without my earbuds?!?” I said, “Dude, I had to just sit on the bus without any form of entertainment when I was in high school.” […]

    The Blood Moon

    Last night, the kids and I sat in the back yard and watched that amazing eclipse. We were all bundled up in jammies and blankets, and Gabby made us all tea from our peppermint plant. It really was something to see– and the magical powers of the blood moon made the kids hilarious last […]

      My office supplies problem.

      I need all of these items immediately.

      I have a serious office supplies problem. I love office supplies. I love Post-It notes and book tabs and desk organizers and smooth-flowing pens. I remember my first job where we had a supplies closet; I could go in there and take anything I wanted for […]

        Things which are not reasonable.

        My neighbor’s two-million-watt carriage lights on the shed The number of socks which have been sacrificed to the girls’ love of making stuffed animal outfits The amount of shedding my freshly groomed dog is still doing How long it is taking me to get over this bug Speaking of bugs: that earwig I […]

          So sweet. And so gross.

          I am a little under the weather. Since I spent a significant portion of yesterday afternoon in a barf cycle– which meant that I missed Cammy’s lacrosse tryouts which bums me out– my sweet daughters spent lots of time trying to make me feel better. Look at how they set me up:

          Pillow […]

            Friday Bullets



            Yesterday, someone told me I look just like Mary-Louise Parker. Um: nope. I may look familiar to you for some reason, but– lovely as she is– I do not look like her. Like, not even a little bit. You just fell victim to my “I think I know her” face.



              Julie V. Wildlife

              Yesterday morning, Gabby and I heard a thunk as we were finishing breakfast. Well, I should say: I only heard a thunk. Gabby, who happened to be turned toward the office window at the time, saw the whole thing go down: a good-sized bird flew into the office window at top speed. When I […]

                Thoughts from the first month…

                We have been in school for about four weeks now, which seems crazy but is true. Here are some things we are learning from this school year:

                Gabby can’t remember her lunch situation. At all. I can get it completely ready on the counter and all she needs to do is put it in […]

                  Not the reaction I was expecting.

                  A friend of ours was hospitalized overnight with appendicitis. His wife posted a photo of him, doing a slightly doped-up thumbs-up for the camera. It’s cute and kind of funny, and I thought Addie– who LOOOOOOOVES Mr. O– would like to see it.

                  Sometimes I’m an idiot. I forget how frequently Addie J rode […]

                    Never forget.

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