This morning, Addie J, my little peacock-in-the-making, sprang out of bed and asked me to help her put on her costume. (Usually she lies in bed with her eyes closed, telling me she was awake “all night long” and asking for hugs and saying she needs 5 more hours of sleep.) She didn’t really […]

    PSA: Do It Right.

    I would just like to request that everyone give out non-disgusting Halloween candy this year. Last year we got some weirdness– listen, no one eats Bit O’Honey– and also some of last year’s Christmas candy, which is just lazy, people. We are looking for chocolate only, no gross fruit-flavored Tootsie Rolls, and if you […]


      Gabby and Addie J packed their own lunches this morning, since they forgot to set them out for me (this means no scrambling to find new jokes for them, yay!!). I peeked into each bag to see what they brought. Here are the contents:

      ADDIE J: turkey and shredded cheese, rolled into a tortilla. […]

        Door 1 or Door 2?

        That’s what’s up in my house today: Gabby is the lucky one. Well, let me back up: Addie J was the first one up this morning, and reported feeling a little ill. I however was aware that she had eaten about 3 cups of salted caramel pumpkin seeds last night, and off we went to […]

          Seriously, these girls.

          I spent the weekend with my sister and her family, on the other side of the country. Jill and I did a little work, we hung out, I got up and braided the girls’ hair for school– nothing earth-shaking. Love those weekends we get to spend together.

          I am attaching a photo of Jill’s […]

            My Kids’ Hair: an Epic Struggle.

            I have mentioned before that my mom, who is generally an awesome mom in every way, was not talented at styling hair. She therefore gave Betsy a supercurly perm, gave me the Buster Brown special, and Jill wore pigtails basically every day.

            I could do this, no problem. Only NO ONE WILL LET […]

              How forgetting my anniversary turned out awesome.

              This anniversary post is late. Actually: I forgot my anniversary entirely this year. I didn’t really think about it much leading up to the day, and then we were at Gabby’s dance competition, and I suddenly turned to Dave and said, “Oh my God, I forgot! Happy anniversary!”

              Dave replied, “Oh my God, I […]

                Lunchtime jokes. Help!

                Cammy gets lunch at school these days (note: it’s super convenient to be able to log on to his account, check his lunch activity, and say, “Dude. You cannot survive on french fries and Uncrustables”). The girls, however, still pack lunches. And by that I mean that I pack their lunches. Yes, they absolutely […]

                  I thought this was over when we moved out of the baby stages.

                  I’ve mentioned before that we’re pretty nickname-y as a family. Because I view nicknames– and I use them– as a form of affection, I have never really understood the notion of deliberately giving someone a name that will make it difficult to shorten. (It also seems kinda self-aggrandizing, like you have given a child a […]


                    Yesterday, a friend of mine posted about one of my pet peeves: those who jack up the school run by blocking the through lane. I was just agreeing with her in my head– when she went on to say something like, “But I don’t know what it is about their lives, or even their […]

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