Irish Dance Takeover

Look how happy she is.

Gabby’s big competition was this weekend. As you know, “Go Big or Go Home” Gabby always has lofty goals and high expectations for herself. It’s something I’ve learned to appreciate about her; I used to try to help her set more easily achievable goals. But honestly, this was frustrating for […]

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I was looking at some photos from Thanksgiving 2012. I have noticed that, in every photo taken in that year after my dad died, everyone looks vaguely shell-shocked. For an entire year, in every photo, posing or candid. And pics from that very first holiday season without Dad (my friend Tobin refers to this […]

      Why I Make Gabby’s Lunch

      Because she likes when I throw in a note with a joke of the day, and she’s begun reading them out loud in her Language Arts class, and that’s adorable. Because the other day she made her own lunch. It contained 3 hard taco shells; one scoop of Nutella; and like 7 granola bars.

        Good Day Sunshine….

        Addie J doesn’t stop talking unless she’s asleep. This means that, from the second I wake her up, she starts telling me things and she doesn’t stop until she leaves the school. This morning I woke her up and she said, “Oh hi Mom. I was thinking I could maybe bring some popcorn to […]

          Goop’s Christmas Gift List


          Thank you to everyone who has sent me Gwyneth’s Wish List this year. I present to you my personal faves; please don’t hesitate to get me any of these.

          Extra-fancy toilet paper in a gilded box I would LOVE to see how this would go over with three kids who can’t remember to change out […]

            Short Hair, Don’t Care.

            Addie J, by her own choice, has worn her hair in an adorable bob for a few years now. She told me a few days ago, “Mom, I’d like to cut my hair and donate it.” I replied, “I think that’s really nice. You’ll have to let your hair grow pretty long, but I’ll […]

              A Toothpaste Review by Gabby

              GABBY: Mom, can I brush my teeth in here?

              JULIE: What’s wrong? Are you out of toothpaste in your bathroom?

              GABBY: No, I just don’t like the toothpaste we have.

              JULIE: Really? What don’t you like? Is it cinnamon?

              GABBY [with great derision]: No. It’s “Sparkle Fun.” But it doesn’t taste like Sparkle, it doesn’t taste […]

                Love you, Larry.

                You can just see my salmon-pink-bridesmaid-dress butt on the right in this pic. We’re singing “Dancing Queen” of course. This is how I always saw Larry, and how I will think of him always.

                Larry Gorrell was one of my professors in college, who became a mentor, and then my employer, and always […]

                  Thank you, veterans.

                  Thank you to all veterans today, for ensuring our safety and our freedom. I am loving the photos on Facebook of everyone’s loved ones in uniform. Thanks, always, to Dad– for going to Germany as a soldier, and getting that mystery scar on your elbow that you never explained (why do I picture a […]

                    Thank you, Baby Jesus, for teenage boys and preteen girls. (Really!)

                    Cammy was out of state for his tournament this weekend. First of all, I am proud to say that the parents who accompanied the kids have been thanking us all for how well-behaved our boys are, and what fun it was to spend time with that group. Which frankly I might have inscribed on […]

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